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RE: 💡 EOSTalk LIVE ~ Submit Questions for Everipedia's Larry Sanger [WIN BeyondBit & EOSBit]

in #eos-project5 years ago (edited)
  • As an investor, why should I invest in your project? What's in it for me?
  • Since you guys are holding massive airdrops, how are you planing to fund the project?
  • When should we expect an airdrop and what's the ratio (1:1)?
  • Blockchain is immutable and that means whatever information we enter is stored for as long as Blockchain (or internet) exist. How would you ensure that the information entered is correct or verified? And are there moderators that regulate the same? If so, isn't it a form of censorship? How would you counter this argument.

Bitshares a/c: ghayas1


ghayas your question was chosen! :)

Wooah awesome... No wonder I noticed some cool Tokens in my wallet :):):) Too bad I missed the show, though was in after party.

Thanks fuzzy! You the man :)

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