Let's talk EOS 30th Jan summary

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00:27 All cryptocurrencies down today, EOS not on blocktivity yet

The crypto sphere is all down today, so please don't take too much concern over this. If you care about crypto currencies and you've been here for a while now that you know that this is nothing new.

I would be using blocktivity, obviously, but EOS is not on there quite yet, because it has no actual live chain.

Let's look at the different crypto currencies as you can see, most of them are down more than Bitcoin. This is because most people who are afraid they try to go to what they think is the safest, which is Bitcoin since Bitcoin has been here since the beginning. So that's what most people think.

02:22 Let's Talk EOS Forums on Chainbb

Eostalk.Io is a blockchain based forum right now, thanks to @ Jesta's chain BB, we have our own forums based on their code and we actually run it off of the Steem blockchain and we will be able to actually incorporate other chains potentially in the future.

We also have these amazing tokens that we give away called EOSbits, Beyondbits and whale shares. These are the first cross chain tokens in the world and they're going to have value propositions.

04:23 Official updates, EOS.io Dawn 3.0 now Github master branch

They're a little bit behind schedule on this but not very much.

The prior master will be renamed “dawn-2.x” and will continue to be available as a non-master branch.

Community developers will notice that the next time they “git pull” from Master, they will obtain the new Dawn 3.0 code.

The current public TestNet at “https://testnet1.eos.io” will continue to run the Dawn 2.x software until the release of the Dawn 3.0 Testnet, and will then be retired.

Additional new features in the Dawn 3.0 Alpha Release include:

  • deferred transactions,
  • staking pools,
  • a new currency contract, and a
  • new emerging token standard.

08:00 Official updates, EOS name and Logo use

The only thing that I can think of from this standpoint is that that block.one is coming out and they're concerned that maybe they will have people pretending to be them to get people to come to events and that they want you to be very careful to Make sure that you are actually ensuring that somebody from block.one team is approaching you and not somebody else.

11:23 Beyond Bitcoin newsletter

We do we've been here since the very beginning of the technology that is leading to us. We were here since since bitshares. I was there before bitshares even existed.

12:49 Current competitions and challenges

  • EOS meetup challenge 100 EOSbits

  • 14:28 EOS.io Video tutorial - process registering EOS tokens from 2nd hand market

    50 EOSBit - Hold on to these BAD BOYS! 50 BeyondBit (Est $63 Upvote / $225 Post Payout Value)

18:42 Please post on EOStalk.io

I'm trying to help block one and their team to do all these things to kind of help out, because I know that they're technically not supposed to put a lot of funding into this stuff. However, we as a community can come together without having to require block one to do anything but talk to more people like Everipedia and get them to share drop on EOS.

I'm also going to have a site where you can actually email us and let us know about different things that you're doing

20:44 Guestbook idea discussion for EOS Meetups

  • People would arrive at the Meetup they'd sign a physical guestbook and there would be somebody there who would make sure by maybe just looking at their ID.
  • You can actually record the crowd, make sure that people see that it's the real crowd.
  • Either they can distribute these tokens to the attendees and keep some for themselves or we distribute tokens to them and their attendees.

29:42 Help by sharing: token4tweets

Thank you for participating and please check out the results for:

Introduction music contest for Let's talk EOS livestreams

Vote on what you like best because if you appreciate those great artists who contribute you will see if there's going to be a 2nd round or not!

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definitely waiting for the video and tutorials to move the EOS tokens into an EOS wallet


There is no EOS and no EOS wallet yet because there is not EOS blockchain yet. Right now you need either Metamask or another Ethereum wallet. EOS tokens are ERC20 tokens which will be swapped 1:1 when EOS is lanched.


Thanks, I'll wait for the tutorial so I can move the coins safely into MEW

Yes Last 60 days


it must be growing
If you follow upvote comment and Resteem me I Will Do same

The six largest cryptocurrencies, including the flagship bitcoin, have all sunk in the last 24 hours, according to data from Markets Insider, following a major cyberattack against a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange last week which resulted in the loss of $400 million.

Bitcoin, which still makes up 33% of the entire digital currency market cap, was down 4.6% to $11,297 at the time of writing. Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP token, the second and third largest cryptocurrencies, were down 4.6% and 6.3%, respectively, at $1,184 and $1.30 per token.

Smaller coins with market caps of less than $1 billion had also taken a hit.