🎬 EOS.IO Video Tutorial Challenge - Entry

in eos-help •  9 months ago

Here is my entry for the EOS.IO Tutorial Challenge

This tutorial is for anyone who has purchase EOS tokens on the secondary market and needs to register them by the June 1, 2018 deadline. One case is those who own OPEN.EOS on OpenLedger and have to move them to an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as MetaMask.

I walk through creating a MetaMask wallet, transferring your OPEN.EOS through the gateway to you MetaMask wallet. Loading the EOS tokens into your wallet. Then creating EOS Keys and registering your wallet address to the EOS token contract. Once this is complete you are all prepared for June 1st when the ICO ends, and any future share drops.

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great info thx i need to do it myself


Hope it helps you out Jack.


@bushkill it will i instal de app but ....you have to start looking etc ect so i stopt ...but i will look tomorow at your posts and finis it...greetings

Yeah, I need to do this.

Extraordinary Video tutorial of those


You did a great job on yours too....

Thanks @bushkill for this tutorial. It's something that will definitely help! Everyone with EOS, you have until June 1st to take care of this. I'm speaking to myself too. Resteemed.

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Just curious question, not complaint, why Metamask that is Chrome extension (some of us are staying away from everything google related) instead of recommended MyEtherWallet?

Never mind, latest development (MEW split) questions if MEW is safe now - sigh!

months later using this :)