Actually just got over 2.3 EOS from EOBOT which also had steem, and has been "Mining' in the background over the web for a year. Perfect referal program for

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Here is my dashboard for @eobot after a year of forgetting about it and having it set to Ethereum mining, which still hadnt reached its minimum withdraw of 0.05 ETh... but then i saw a post by @matthiasklein and he made me remember my eobot and I saw steemhad a low minumum withdraw requirement

So I exchanged what i had in ETH to EOS which only has a 0.2 withdraw minimum so i had plenty more than that and it worked instantly! I was impressed with how fast the withdraw was and how many years eobot has been up!

I saw steem AND EOS had low requirements, I guess I should have done steem, but i did EOS, and got 2.3 EOS

hey since this thing works, we may as well add it to the list of things to post on to help peopel make money onlien and work at home

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(Do NOT farm those apps with phone farms, never commit to being a loser on an industrial scale... if you really do have some way to expand your business, come HERE and find steemians or reddit or twitter users to BECOME steemians and have them work TASKs for you!

Here is my referral link, I get 1% from everyone who signs up under me and starts mining, which you can do free on eosbot. They use captcha 's to login so I guess thats one way they are making money.
I was going to ask @heimindanger about how he helped @rishi556 with which lets you give 30 SP delegation for a week or two I think, but the money it comes from CAPTCHAS so we could give people BTCp LTCp EOSp on and let them do captcha's and TASSKs to earn the tokens, we could even let them farm the captchas to earn a steem account!

(GIFs from @web-gnar )


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Nice... living in the US, I can't "mine" at Eobot but I do the daily "drip" and I like what I see!!! Almost $30 and no outlay on my part.... easy peasy!!