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5th June was the World Environment Day and there was lot of noise around it. Some rallies happened, talk shows took place and people discussing about the so many issues of the Environment. And then what? The next day same routines. All this has become a fashion, to keep talking about problems. Very few people actually go ahead and do something.

Every Saturday morning our team of volunteers we go to the Beach for cleaning up the beach and every week on week we find the beach loitered with cans, plastic bottles, nowadays masks also, left overs of the beach party and so much garbage. It is shameful and the same people who loitered them will next day give talks on Environment. Then some people say, but what can we really do, nothing much is in our control.

I believe that every single person can take action to save our Environment and that is very simple just by being mindful to not pollute the environment in any way. At the beach we see small things like plastic bottle caps, maximum they are scattered all over the beach. When people open the bottle they don't know where to throw these small things and casually just throw it on the beach, the tissues they use are lying all over the beach. They do barbeques and picnics at the beach. It is good to enjoy the Environment and at the same time keeping it healthy by keeping it clean. If we will not keep it clean it will not remain healthy. When we go to the Mountains, we do not find big things thrown around, but these small things like cans, bottle caps, tissues are all over the place. And cleaning up that area is a challenge.

This is what we clean up from the Beaches every week and more

Our Team. This is an old picture, it is not convenient to click pictures every time with the job on hand. Now that the summer season has started we have stopped the activity as it's too hot and we may end up with a heat stroke. By October we will again start.

Saving the Environment is just not about cleaning up, there are many ways in which we can work, like one important, reducing electricity consumption. In Middle East no one bothers to switch off the ACs, they run the whole day even if you are not using that space, because Electricity bills are comparatively cheaper here, so people do not bother much. But this wastage is so much of a load on the Environment which people do not realize.

In our homes itself we can do so many things to save the Environment, like switching off the Wifi when not in use, right disposal of garbage by segregating wet and dry garbage, car pooling whenever we can, using long lasting bulbs, buying more eco-friendly products, saving water. Usage of water is another mindless thing we do. When we brush or are doing some washing things we see that the water is running from the tap even when we are not using it. These are some very simple ways of saving our Environment and staying Healthy.

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You said, "I believe that every single person can take action to save our Environment and that is very simple just by being mindful to not pollute the environment in any way."

I completely agree. This is the best way to say it in a nutshell.

Small actions may look irrelevant at individual level, but when all efforts come together we see a big change and we need that now.

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