What is the best way to handle earth-quakes?

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The best way to win after an earthquake

A. If You Are Inside the Building

  • Exit the building in an orderly manner.
  • Do not use walking stairs or elevators, use ordinary stairs.

B. Check the environment around you

  • Check if there is a fire.
  • Check if there is a gas leak.
  • Check if there is a short circuit.
  • Check the flow and water pipes.
  • Hand over the dangerous things (turn off the electricity, do not light the fire etc).
  • Immediately inform relevant agencies if there are things that are not desirable (fire, landslide, etc.).

C. Do not enter buildings that have been affected by the earthquake

There is a possibility that the building will collapse or aftershocks occur.

D. Be careful walking in the area around the earthquake

The possibility of a follow-up hazard still exists.

E. Give help

Because health workers will have difficulty coming to the scene, be prepared to provide first aid to people around you.

F. Evacuation

Get away as soon as you are told the place of refuge. Refuge places are usually regulated by the local government. In principle, evacuation is carried out on foot under the escort of police officers or government agencies. Bring enough goods.

G. Listen to information

  • Listen to information about the earthquake from the radio.
  • To prevent panic, it is important that everyone be calm and act according to the correct information. You can get correct information from the authorities, the police, or the PMK officer.
  • Do not be easily provoked by issues or news that is not clear source.
  • If there are directives given by the officer, follow it well.

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