Henry David Thoreau, Edward Abbey, and the EPA

in environment •  10 months ago

Adam answers a question from a fan on Instagram.

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It is nice to hear another Libertarian talking about the environment. This is one of the issues that is clise to my heart. I am a member of a nature preserve here in Indiana. So often, the members of the preserve, called Lothlorien, come from a statist position. I have, for years now, argued Libertarian and Free Market solutions with my fellow tree huggers. What I find, is that most of these people have never thought outside of the government controlled enviromental policies. When I talk about Free Market solutions, they are usually receptive. On this particular issue I feel as though it really is about education, not only on how it can be solved without government violence but also pointing out the complete failure that government has had.

I really enjoyed this video @adamkokesh! I like the images you used to overlay and drive your points home.

That's the voice of freedom, we will continue to support @adamkokesh

Hi @adamkokesh Is that a statue of you in the thumbnail?

Am on it🙋

Dear @adamkokesh Dtube making the difference.

A picture and a truly expressive statue
Environmental protection is essential

Amazing video.