Why So Many Entrepreneurs Are Frustrated (Video Explains it)

in entrepreneur •  2 months ago

Living in Chiang Mai Thailand for 3 years, starting with Dropshipping, then getting clients who wanted highly converting Shopify stores, I would still hear the same thing over and over… “Doing online business is expensive! All this website stuff is costing way too much!”

Usually, you’d only hear that from friends privately, because you’ll always have those self-righteous “entrepreneurs” saying… “Well, if you can't invest $300. into your own business, then we wouldn’t want you as a client”… saddens me quite a bit.

I remember dreading the whole "9-to-5 life" and then I heard it might be possible to use the internet to make money— I was stoked! So… don’t steal a hungry man’s thunder. Builderall, this amazing platform makes it possible for you get started building your own online empire today! My name’s Robb, and I’m here to help you!

ClickFunnels is limited to those with big pocketbooks. Say what you want, but $300 bucks is $300 bucks. And STILL you’ll have more costs to running an online business besides having ClickFunnels.

So, what not try Builderall today. Just use my link https://7daysfree.robb.live (with no strings attached, no credit card information). Just 7 days to try it out. Now… if you like it, then you can choose the plan that best suits you. Then you will be a part of my Team, and I can begin to help you get started!

There’s a lot younger guys out there, but just letting you know… I’ve been around the block, and I’ll provide the kind of encouragement (and accountability) to help you get you Builderall business up and running. You’re not alone— never ever. You'll also be invited to Mike Caldwell's Private Mastermind Group. He used to work at LeadPages, and now he uses Builderall. Weekly Zoom Mastermind calls are included! (...that's amazing??)

If you have any questions about Builderall or ClickFunnels, please let me know in the comments below, and I’l do my best to answer them, or you can go to https://digital.robb.live/ and schedule a free consulting call to see if Builderall is right for you and how I can help you grow (or re-brand) your business.

Looking forward to you being a part of my Team!!

Robb Gorringe


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