Muy buen gesto @phoenixwinter, dice mucho de tu personalidad, cuando pone a disposiciòn de personas interesadas en los negocios, textos que les ayudarìan a ampliar sus conocinmientos y a aprender màs sobre el tema. Gracias.

Cool share! Definitely something I could do with looking into, I focus too much on content and not enough marketing.

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Having a SMMA is one of the easiest routes to go(if you actually know what you’re doing) make sure to get an LLC though and check to make sure there isn’t one with the same or similar name and branding.

Also what a lot of people don’t understand is that while having your own business will make you more money, it’s up to you to figure it out on your own. There’s no sense of guidance or real schedule to get it going. And there’s just some people out there who don’t get that

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Yeah, it's the same with everything really. Problem is, the UK tend to love taxing the rich... so if i register as a LTD company I have to pay some hefty taxes :/

I forgot you’re in the UK, so shit your best bet if you wanna start one would be to have a US partner who’s got an LLC

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Yeah definitely... the UK is the WORST place to start a business... taxes and taxes. I come from a pretty poor background but I don’t believe the ‘rich’ (entrepreneurs) should be so heavily taxed, it’s so crazy!

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Thank you very much @phoenixwinter for sharing this precious information. I am very greatful to you because you share your precious knowledge with us in steemit community..

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It’s an honour 🙌

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Yes absolutely bro..

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Starting a successful business is not probable. Statistics show that most businesses fail, and many before they open their doors. Some stop right there and do not try.

But others think about how to turn the statistics in their favor. They learn, read, experiment, meditate, ponder. Probability does not equal possibility.

Another point in a similar vein: Statistics show that dropping out of school leads to a higher chance of poverty. Beating those statistics is possible. And such a decision can sometimes be better. Of course your mileage may vary.

In short: Statistics say you should not open a business. They also say you should stay in school. But if you are smart and a hard worker, those statistics should motivate you.

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