#FoodChallenge - Trulaloo tries the Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles {Teaser}

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You may click HERE for the video.

In this brief teaser, you'll see some highlights of the DAMAGE the famous spicy noodles, "Samyang", brought to some of @trulaloo's crew members! Watch for a dash of entertainment and some Filipino humor. We enjoyed doing this teaser, and we hope you will too!

Notice: This was supposed to be uploaded under the Trulaloo Dtube account. However, due to technicalities, it was posted in @anotsopopularkid. I'm trying to migrate, but I can't seem to find out how. We are guessing that given that this is a blockchain, we have minimal way to undo the process. We'll just be more careful next time. Still, you can watch our teaser by clicking on the photo above.

Stayed tuned for the full release of the video this January 2018 wherein Jare, Jieza, Renz (@anotsopopularkid) and Anna try out this beast (or #food rather, if we can still consider it as such)!

You can try to read the photo preview of this challenge in the previous post, which you may read here. We are looking forward for your comments and suggestions! Peace!

Follow our profile @trulaloo for updates regarding the #FoodChallenge. There are also other challenges and activities to look forward to, so we hope for the continuous support!

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i've tried that samyang 2x spicy noodles and I swear I'm never gonna eat that thing again 😂😆

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all images can keep us entertained, like donald trump images in various edits

all images can keep us entertained, like donald trump images in various edits

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