Leaving and Clinging

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Marriage still remains one of the most beautiful things gifted to God by man. God himself laid down the principle of marriage and so a man must his parent and cling to his wife and they shall become one.

The Idea of love is really sweet and soothing. It carries with it two daggers to pierce. How lucky you are when pierced with love's dagger and what you feel is warmth, friendship, happiness and safety. This truly is love.

I have stopped believing in a painful love, it may be real and sincere but love shouldnt hurt too much. I mean when it feels like you just want your world to come an end.
When every breath you take seems painful
When it feels like you are in the midst of a crowd but cannot be heard
When it feels like you are thrown into a sea with the water piercing through your skin like a million knives.
When it feels like you have both hands tied behind your back for everything and for nothing.

Love is the most beautiful thing that would ever happen to you if you find someone who speaks your love language.

Truly, it's really not about how far but how well. It's really not about the people we have been with but who we actually end up with.

It's not right to feel a relationship that didnt last is a waste, a lot were learned. Maybe it's high time we stopped taking things so serious, life would be much more easier.

Probably we make lotta mistakes by trying to create or force out the future when we aren't even close to it yet.

Some people go into relationships and within a month of being together they are already having marriage goals when infact they still have about 3-6 years before anaything about getting married pops up.

it's quite okay but probably one should just concentrate on the present rather than try to jump steps.

It isnt abnormal for a girl to meet a guy today and she is already thinking marriage even if she has years ahead of her before marriage.

Not all relationships would lead to marriage, most people say this but do not live this.

I think what is normal is to live the present, be sincere with your feelings, love the person truly, give in your best, give in your all and with time the future would reveal itself.

You shouldn't be in a relationship because there was a promise of marriage at the beginning.

Today's wedding was a beautiful, Really, who could have ever guessed the couple would end up together? Five years back, they were just friends, we all were just friends. There were times when we would have drama rehearsals, youth programs and this couple would be present. It's funny to think how they passed by eachother those years, laughed with eachother and not knowing they were meant to be.

It's amazing to think about those times they were just friends but today they walked down the altar together!

I had a beautiful time in church today, thinking about all those moments.

Now let pictures speak!





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