There goes my hero... he's a scoundrel.

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My son Timmy and I just finished celebrating Star Wars day. For the uninitiated, May the 4th has become a holiday for geeks like my son and me. Many years ago, someone far wiser and geekier than I figured out that "May the 4th" sounded an awful lot like "May the Force". In recent years, the day has become an excuse for fans to flaunt their favorite Star Wars apparel while businesses create promotions in an attempt to squeeze some credits out of fanboys and girls.

I'm nice men.

Our celebration concluded with a viewing of The Force Awakens. I steered us toward this one because lately I have had Han Solo on the brain. Not only did I buy my tickets for the Han Solo movie that opens in 3 short weeks (OMG!!!) but a really cool steemian named @steemmatt did a post about my name on steemit.. This of course reminded me of a post I wrote two years ago concerning why I had chosen this name.

Therefore, in preparation for Solo: A Star Wars Story, I decided to watch the film I consider to be a love letter to my favorite character of all time: Han Solo. Not only did The Force Awakens give old fans like me one last hurrah with that scruffy looking nerf herder, it contains one of my favorite scenes of any movie I have ever seen.

Oddly enough, the same scene is my son's least favorite ever.

Of course, I am referring to Han Solo's death at the hands of his son Kylo Ren Ben Solo.

I will never forget that scene for as long as I live.

Neither will my son.

If you don't remember it, here it is:

As Han Solo walked out onto that bridge, I looked at my 10 year old son Timmy who was sitting next to me in the theater. I could tell he had no idea what was about to happen. But I did. I slowly wrapped my hand around his and tried to brace him for the most heartbreaking scene he had ever witnessed in his short life. It didn't help. As the shadow fell over Kylo Ren's face and he thrust his glowing lightsaber into Han's torso, Timmy squeezed my hand. Then he slipped his hand out of mine and placed it firmly in the pocket of his hoodie. His right hand soon joined the left. Next, he pulled his hood over his head, slumped in his chair, dropped his chin to his chest and began shaking his head from side to side as he mumbled, "I don't like this movie. I never want to see this movie again." Although the action sequences that followed distracted him enough to stop the head shaking and the mumbling, he never removed his hands from his pockets or fully raised his head.

He was heartbroken.

For a moment, so was I.


I am a notorious movie crier. In fact, I still get teary eyed when I think of Rey saying "The garbage will do" as the camera pans to the Millenium Falcon. Therefore, it was no surprise that my eyes began to swell with tears as I sat next to my inconsolable son.

But then no tears came. Instead I smiled and thought to myself, "Holy Shit. That was the most heroic death scene I have ever seen. That is a perfect way for Han to go out. Perfect."

I was in awe.

I had grown up loving Han Solo. I saw him shoot Greedo (first), get frozen in carbonite, and nearly get eaten by Ewoks at least 200 times as a kid. I read comic books and novels featuring that scoundrel. Heck I even repeatedly watched him wish Chewbaca and his family a happy Life day. I felt like I really knew Han Solo. That is how Han Solo deserved to say goodbye to his old friends like me.

It was the most heroic death scene I had ever scene.


Here's the thing I love about Han: he pretends to be incredibly tough. He pretends to only care about himself. He wants everyone to think he is only interested in money and saving his own skin. He spends a great deal of time trying to convince others of his selfish nature. For example, in A New Hope, he shows absolutely no interest in saving the damsel in distress until Luke reminds him that... "She's rich".

Later, after he has done about 8 heroic things, Han reminds Leia, "Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, princess. I expect to be well paid. I'm in it for the money.”

Who is he trying to convince? Leia or himself?

And of course, as the rebels are preparing to fly into certain death in an unlikely attempt to destroy the Death Star, Han is packing his credits and preparing to run away. That is what scoundrels do you know.

But heroes fly in at the last second and save the kid who is going to save the day.

Han continues to fight his heroic nature in The Empire Strikes Back. Again, Han is trying to leave. And again he stays to save the Princess.

In Return of the Jedi, Han makes fun of Lando for being crazy enough to lead the attack on the second Death Star. Han plays it off like there is no way he would ever be that dumb (heroic). One minute later, we learn that Han has volunteered to lead an even more dangerous ground assault.

Han spends three movies convincing every one he is not a hero.

You keep telling yourself that you scruffy looking nerf herder.

In the Force Awakens, in the span of 4 short minutes, Han Solo proves to everyone (including himself) that he is indeed The Hero. Actually I think everyone else already knew that. But Han never embraced it until the moment he shouted, "Ben".

Han Solo is a gunslinger. His blaster is his security blanket. He knows how to use it and is fearless as long as it is in his hand. And yet, when he sees Kylo Ren, he never draws it. He leaves it dangling at his hip never readying it for a possible battle. For there will be no battle. This gambler pushed all of his credits into the middle of the table for one last all or nothing play. Han walks out on that bridge completely vulnerable and exposed. He strides toward this danger with one goal in mind: save my son or die trying.

Drawing his blaster might make him feel safe. It might save his own life. But his life is unimportant. He must save his son. His only hope is to use words and emotion to compel his son to save himself. Those are not Han's strengths. If you want proof, tell him that you love him. Never mind, he knows.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 2.45.13 PM.png
A gunslinger refusing to hide behind his blaster. That is courage.

Han will do anything to save his son including getting out of his comfort zone and risking his life for one last chance to rescue his son.

He never gave up hope that his son would return. He does not believe he has been destroyed.

"My son is alive."

Han must save his son from being used and crushed by Snoke.

A blaster won't save his son. It might save himself... but at the cost of his son.

Heroes don't sacrifice their sons.

Heroes help their sons.

And when the son asks for help.

The hero promises to do...


And he means it.

Han Solo died fighting to save his son. He tried until his very last breath. He never gave up. He fought with his blaster in its holster and his heart on his sleeve. The vision of the empty handed gunslinger pleading for the life of his boy was more powerful than if he had jumped in front of his son during an epic gun battle. It was more heroic than crashing a freighter-class capital ship into a Star Destroyer. It was more heroic than anything every done in the Star Wars universe.

In a recent trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, a character says about solo, "I might be the only person who knows what you really are."

I swear that answer better be...

A Hero.

A hero who happens to be smart enough to shoot first.

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While not diminishing the base of a father willing to sacrifice everything for his boy because that is very clearly the bulk of if it, I always saw a layer of a man trying to save his princess too.

From the moment I saw it it was in my head that maybe he made the decision to walk in there and face Kylo Ren so that she didn't ever have to, that maybe he would walk out with their son and as an added bonus make it up to her... to Luke even... I thought that he felt solely responsible for his son turning to the dark side and if he could just go in there and try it would be repentance for failing them all.


Oh I like this.

Still heroic but for a different reason. Add that to the fact that I still think Rey is his daughter and perhaps it is even more heroic.

If I miss any of your posts, please make sure you get my attention.


That crossed my mind, as did Luke but I don't think that her parents are cannon, and honestly I'd prefer them not to be. (I don't think Anakin or Luke were the Chosen One either.) That would be the most revolutionary angle by far. The biggest plot twist would be that her parents are non-cannon because everyone is expecting it, and it doesn't really add any interest, or progress the over all story... we're going to what, watch a family feud unfold for 600 years? Patterns need to be broken for progress, as a character she's dynamic enough and I don't feel like any ties to the Skywalker line will really add any dimension, her being something new and different however incites curiosity and intrigue. For me it would make sense that Reys abilities are a natural result of the force being out of sorts, and that she'll bring balance to the force by becoming neither Jedi nor Sith, possibly even pulling Kylo Ren into a place of internal balance, and destroying the entire construct of "dark side" and "light side" and along with it both orders (though the Jedi order doesn't seem to fare too well any way does it?) and fulfilling the prophecy that way.

I am currently without children but hopefully that will change in a few years. I fully plan on bringing the future kids up to speed with the classics, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones etc.

Now my question for you, which order did you introduce the Star Wars films to your son in? Canon or in the order they were released? And why?


That is a great question! I am going to think about it and do a post about it. I will remember this and let you know when I post it.


Ha that’s awesome! Well I am excited to read it!

I’ll keep an eye out for it in my feed, I wish Steemit had a notification system.

i'm a a star wars fan... from your post i will say that the scene where Han Solo is being killed by his own son was something not expected indeed..when i was watching the movie at the cinema theater i remember i was saying to myself....'come on,he cannot die...something will happen..something''....i really couldn't believe it!!.. great scene!!...respect!!!


The fact that it seemed so impossible was one of the most amazing parts.

I celebrate The Revenge of the Fifth more as proven by my red light saber profile picture hahaha.

He never gave up. He fought with his blaster in its holster and his heart on his sleeve.

Man this line, I felt my heart stopped at that moment that your son pulled up his hoodie. I was shocked, I was emotional and I knew that he tried his best.

He could have used force, threats or even his charm but instead he made himself vulnerable because he believed in Ben so much that he was willing to take that chance to save him.

The force awakens, oh ma. I can't wait for Solo as well!


i was shocked, i was emotional and i knew that he tried his best.


Well "happy" revenge of the fifth to you...

Some people have already started to insul Solo... but as soon as I saw Chewbacca slam a dude's head into the ground I was sold!

I had a mixture of feelings when I read your story of the film and without thinking about it my eyes were filled with some tears, I have not seen the film so I prefer not to go deeper into the subject, but I do not want to pass up the fact of your union with your son, that of sharing together the passion for some characters seems sensational, Maybe because I didn't have a father to do it with me and I have a son who doesn't have a father to live those moments, I congratulate the parents who take into account his role and defend him, just like the hero of the film, thank you for sharing these impressions, happy day.

NICE! I watched last night with my daughter. Had fun explaining the euphoria behind Han and why I get goosebumps each time watching him fall in The Force Awakens. First time I actually didn't see it coming, almost worse now that I know.

May the 4th be with you!

I will never forget how everyone at the cinema screamed that day. It was surreal. Noooooo!!

I have never seen Star Wars but I have become a fan because of your obvious love for it. I plan to catch up on what I have been missing.


You have ALOT to catch up with.

Hahahaha I never knew the tragic hero Han Solo made an impact in you deciding your steemit username, yes?
Well I'm pretty sure he wasn't suppose to end up as a tragic hero these movie makers they break our hearts, your son wasn't ready to look at that scene sure he would have even felt more bad lol, but well a few pop corn would do the trick, lol I should see star wars really, you've ignited my vibe


I like igniting vibes. Happy I could oblige.


thank you for doing, star wars I come

Luke was cute, but Han was the real deal: What a man... I wished there were more around of that kind :-)

I loved how you narrated this story. The Resteem is well deserved!

O I love the way that 'geeky' stuff gets you excited and what you learn from all these movies. And the best part is your son is with you on that.

This movie was a beautiful depiction a father willing to sacrifice everything for his son, but also a man trying to save his princess too.
I think he made the decision to walk in there and face Kylo Ren so that so that maybe he would walk out with their son and as an added bonus make it up to her. But in a epic tragic surprise he failed and died.

Nice eulogy to Han Solo :) May the Force be with Him, even if he probably never gave a goddamn thought to the Force :)


Thanks. I had not thought of it as a eulogy but you are 100% correct.

I got teary reading this. You have a gift with words.

I nearly flipped my lid when Kylo Ren killed his father, but I knew it was going to happen and wondered briefly if there was any saving left. And a deep, deep hope sprung that the voice of Han Solo would forever haunt the misguided Kylo. A part of me wants him dead. Another part struggles to hope there is redemption, otherwise Han's sacrifice was for nothing. Ah, the dilemma!
PS - I hope you had a good long talk with your son and that he opened up about his feelings about that terrible scene.


Oh yeah, my son and I talked quite a bit. He's ok now. We actually saw it again two days after the first time.

You are right about Kylo. I think he needs to remember and be redeemed.

Star war a very interesting day on this day many people spent many days on fun and different activities. Hopefully your day was also good because yesterday everyone celebrated the day with some fun, hopefully you celebrate 🎉

totally separate writing style awesome i like
kept it up
amazing star war movie is a great fun enjoy and chase

I've never seen that movie. I guess I'm a strange man, and on earth there are few who have not seen the footage. But you speak so cordially and emotionally about the hero of this film that I wanted to see everything with my own eyes and feel it. judging from your impressions, this movie is something more than just a movie. It seems that it is a legend, it seems that it is a masterpiece.


You have given a lot of beautiful movie and very nicely you gave her explanation. I really liked the matter. You did a great job that did not compare to the work. I am very happy for your extraordinary work. Thank you very much for your success. Want to see

Star Wars remake is really good. It's quite sad that he has to die by this son's own hands. I hope it doesn't happen to many in real life.

You have given a great deal of wonderful motion picture and pleasantly you gave her clarification. I extremely loved the issue. You completed an extraordinary activity that did not measure up to the work. I am extremely glad for your unprecedented work. Much thanks for your prosperity.

I like star wars... Thank you very much for your success...I like to see

this has been the best thing in history, gentlemen, there is nothing that exceeds it until now

I never watch these movie before, after reading the story line, I pick interest to watch these amazing movie full with action ... I must watch these movie... Thanks Han for posting these amazing movie..

I can understand you son been upset when Han Solo was killed, I do not know how old Timmy is but I had the same situation with my son luckily it was not with Star Wars. When we first watched Star Wars few years ago he was very excited he watched all films and after finishing the last one he wanted to watch them again. By the time we watched "Force awakens" he was already 14 so it was not much emotional may be it was more me then even him. But I enjoy very much watching such movies with my whole family my hubby and my son. Star Wars is really generations movie and I am glad that such movies exist.

I like Star Wars, although I cant call myself a fanatic 100% since I've missed the recent releases..,. however, the previous films and their effects are a spectacle for me. What I love about Star Wars it's orchestral composition, being a musician a point that does not I could let go.

I have a bad feeling about han solo movie....