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I love television. Some may say I watch too much of it. What is too much television anyways? Yeah, okay they are right. I do watch a lot of television but it’s not my fault there a lot of amazing shows out there. I recently binge watched Travelers and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had heard of this show but I never got the chance to watch it live. With the second season starting in a month on Showcase I knew now was the time to check it out.

I love genre tv. I may not always understand the science around it but I love it nonetheless. What makes a series great for me are the character stories… and romance. I’m not even going to deny it. I need some of that because it’s what happens in real life and it’s fun.

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Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we? What makes this show different from all the rest? For me it’s the human element. The characters are what really makes this series special. The audience has to care about these people because without that it’s just another sci-fi show about people trying to save the world. It’s so much more than that though. They all have their burdens and it adds another level to these characters. Just because the travelers have taken over the consciousness of someone else doesn’t mean they can just abandon the person’s life. That’s what I loved the most about the pilot. The audience got to see a bit of the real Marcy, Trevor, Philip, Carly, and MacLaren before the travelers’ took over.

The most heartbreaking part for me was when Philip witnessed Detective Gower’s heart attack and death. Philip couldn’t do anything about it because Gower was supposed to die. We’ll see Philip struggle with Protocol 3 later in the season and I’ll discuss more of that in a later post.

One of my favourite parts was when Marcy’s kissed David to shut him up. I was so on board for their relationship right from the beginning. I love the dynamic between those two and the actors have really great chemistry and that’s always a good thing. Also, if anyone is reading this and knows where to get that amazing clock in David’s apartment please let me know. I need this in my life.

Oh! Can we please talk about Carly kicking Jeff’s ass? Because that was incredible. Marcy kicking the shit out of those assholes at the beginning was pretty amazing as well. I’m totally here for all these kick ass women. I’m not saying violence is the answer … but sometimes it is.

This show is an excellent mix of sci-fi, crime, drama, humour and I’m down for all of it. I have so many other thoughts about this show so I will be posting a few more of these discussing season 1 before season 2 starts.

“I see we all made it. Let’s begin.” - MacLaren

Begin indeed!


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I'll have to check it out... I love he's doing Will and Grace again but think he should keep working elsewhere.



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