My Pokemon Card Collection Thus Far

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Ive decided to get back into pokemon cards because im addicted to collecting anything I can. I love the pokemon series and I collected it when I was very young, but sadly in that period of time I only have a few cards even left and most are in bad condition. I will mostly be collecting for completion sake, but I am definitely thinking of getting up and playing the card game in person again.


Some of the best times I remember as a kid was going to the local game store in my area and partaking in the local tournaments they held there. While I wouldnt always win and sometimes I unknowingly cheated (I was a kid and there are certain rules like you can only have x amount of a certain card in a deck, which I didnt know about), I always had a ton of fun. Being at a time in my life where I could care less about winning the tournament and im only looking to really make friends, this seems like a great time to get back into it.


I dont expect these cards to be worth a fortune any day with the amount of people collecting them, but they are nice to look at and remember the great times I had as a child. I want to try to go to my first tournament in a local game store and see how things go. I feel like I have to brush up on the rules a bit because I havent done it in a while, but they do have the online version which I often play to pass time.


I think the online version in general is a reason why not a ton of people play in person anymore, but I personally see it as a companion piece. The game does do something really cool where every time you buy a physical pack, you get a free online code card for a pack as well, meaning if you buy the physical cards you can play the online game at no cost. This is something that I wish other card games would do as well.



Overall I think I will try to pick up a container of each set moving forward just because opening them has been so nostalgic, especially the smell of the ink on the cards. I probably shouldnt be buying more things to collect but ive slowed down on a few other things so card collecting could definitely be another thing to fill that gap. I need to see though because if things get too expensive or I get too addicted im not sure I should continue.


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Mannnnnn. If you ever decide you don't need those feel free to send them to me. I'd be willing to trade you some gatorade and Digimon cards.

I had a similar thought just recently to start collecting Pokemon cards again. I looked up the prices of first-generation Pokemon cards and I wish I kept the cards I had as a child because they would be worth a fortune right now if they were in good condition and in my possession.

Have you seen the price of a first edition Charizard on eBay? It's absolutely insane to think if I had my first edition Charizards, I would be able to fetch an absolute dime for them:

These days I find myself collecting old games (game cartridges) and have built myself a sizeable Wii-U collection of games knowing it's going to be a cult-like console in a few years time with people clamouring for games like we see with the Dreamcast.


Yeah its crazy. I still have some of my cards from a child but they are in piss poor condition which arent worth anything. I tend not to collect much retro game stuff because people have already invested heavily and the prices are insane, but I am buying up most of the ps3 and ps2 generation stuff I would eventually like to play.