(Requested by MeL) ENG Enigma - March 13 Technical Analysis - ABC Near Completion? Buying Opportunity Soon.

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General Tone:
ABC is near completion. RSI is bullishly diverging on daily chart. Buying opportunity is near.
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Bullish
Short Term Bias (Next few days) - Bullish
Long Term Target Prediction - Primary Wave 3, $35,000+ by 2019

We see the RSI bullishy diverge. First histogram positive tick since Feb 16 with a MACD crossover on daily.

I do believe we are at the bottom due to the rsi and macd bullish signs.

If this is indeed the bottom already, this is a great opportunity. Though be forewarned that the loss percentage is high, despite the great R:R setup.

If 14530 satoshi / 0.786 fib level is the bottom, this is a great R:R setup.

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Great analyse as always ;)
Learning a lot, thx for sharing your knowledge.
If you want to drop by Bali Indonesia wile you go to Thailand, be a pleasure to show you the party arounds with your preferate candies Moly =)

Big Love.

Super happy i stumbled upon you, you're changing one life at a time, thank you

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