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RE: ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Steem network

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Very cool and a welcome addition to the Steem UI options.
What is your platform? Did you build it all, is it WordPress or are you using frames?


It is a native Steem blogging platform. It's not a Wordpress and not a generic frontend like Steemit/Busy. We decided to develop it from scratch to provide full integration with SteemConnect and to allow bloggers to customize their blogs easily.

Technically speaking we developed a simple frontend to handle single user blog with additional options like categories, custom template, domain handling, etc and then we wrapped it into a platform. We're using server-side rendering with own Theme System so that we are not dependent on any other Steem frontend. This gives a huge number of possibilities which are not available using a wordpress plugin or something. I believe that native usage for Steem blockchain is much better than using it only for storing content as a copy.

Steem blockchain has a lot of great mechanisms that are quite too complicated for average blogger but they give great power when used in a proper way. We tried to simplify steem-based blogging experience with additional functionalities that utilize Steem blockchain. And we're going to publish additional informations soon :)

I'm part of a @wise-team witness - check out what we do for Steem community!

Thank you. We've added wise-team to our witness votes and look forward to more from you guys. This is really a nice package. Great job.

We've added wise-team to our witness votes

Thank you! :)

and look forward to more from you guys.

In next couple of days we are going to also finally announce release of our:

  • Wise Protocol - 2nd-Layer Voting Protocol For Steem!
  • Wise Hub and first Wise client :)

With Wise Steemians can delegate single votes to other people, based on own custom rules, like for example:

We Wise is needed?

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