ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Steem network

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@nicniezgrublem/@bgornicki really appreciate the work you have done here. Great choice with the name and vision. Steem allows people to publish stories / text into a blockchain that cant be altered or deleted. Prior to today there was the printing press and then engravings on walls in caves. But books can be burned and walls can be altered/destroyed. Who knows how much history has been lost or changed due to this. For ages humans have been "engraving things" to keep records. Steem is the future and the human race will have a tool to communicate freely. This is the first time I feel like we have a true competitor for Medium on its way.

Thank you for your support and comment, I really appreciate it :)

Once upon a time, we've considered potential project names with @noisy and he pointed out exactly the same example :) Especially when we've got information from polish biggest blogging platform... They decided to close the project and most of the bloggers lost their work created in years. And it was our best conclusion - blockchain allows you to engrave your article almost forever. And due to fact that @engrave project is open-source, you can be sure that your articles and entire blog is safe. If something goes wrong with our project, you will be able to host it on your own without the need to restore the content. It will be there, ready to serve directly to readers.

This is the first time I feel like we have a true competitor for Medium on its way.

I think this is the only way to reach more valuable bloggers as they have needs to create own place in the global Internet network. But writers don't have to have technical skills to install CMS like Wordpress etc and we tried to reach them with @engrave. I hope it will work ;)

I'm part of a @wise-team witness - check out what we do for Steem community!

Your 100% right. Blockchain is easily the future and no surprise this drop as it has done it 6 times before and the space fundamentally was not ready yet. HOWEVER if steem gets a legit blogging platform and competitor such as Engrave it will be a front runner in the next bull run.

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Very cool and a welcome addition to the Steem UI options.
What is your platform? Did you build it all, is it WordPress or are you using frames?

It is a native Steem blogging platform. It's not a Wordpress and not a generic frontend like Steemit/Busy. We decided to develop it from scratch to provide full integration with SteemConnect and to allow bloggers to customize their blogs easily.

Technically speaking we developed a simple frontend to handle single user blog with additional options like categories, custom template, domain handling, etc and then we wrapped it into a platform. We're using server-side rendering with own Theme System so that we are not dependent on any other Steem frontend. This gives a huge number of possibilities which are not available using a wordpress plugin or something. I believe that native usage for Steem blockchain is much better than using it only for storing content as a copy.

Steem blockchain has a lot of great mechanisms that are quite too complicated for average blogger but they give great power when used in a proper way. We tried to simplify steem-based blogging experience with additional functionalities that utilize Steem blockchain. And we're going to publish additional informations soon :)

I'm part of a @wise-team witness - check out what we do for Steem community!

Thank you. We've added wise-team to our witness votes and look forward to more from you guys. This is really a nice package. Great job.

We've added wise-team to our witness votes

Thank you! :)

and look forward to more from you guys.

In next couple of days we are going to also finally announce release of our:

  • Wise Protocol - 2nd-Layer Voting Protocol For Steem!
  • Wise Hub and first Wise client :)

With Wise Steemians can delegate single votes to other people, based on own custom rules, like for example:

We Wise is needed?

If anyone is interested how it looks live, check https://steem-hikers.pl

Good job @nicniezgrublem, you finally delivered!

Well done guys, this is the exact kind of thing I've been writing about that we need. Looking forward to checking it out! 😎

We had a presentation during SteemFest about Wise & Engrave ... and a host of an event which introduced us to the public, while we were busy giving a talk, he give a great example, that it is possible to setup an Engrave blog via phone in just 2 minutes:


It's great to hear that we meet the needs of bloggers :)

I'm part of a @wise-team witness - check out what we do for Steem community!

I have heard many times with the ENGRAVE project, even registered with my Steem accounts. Unfortunately, I did not go deep into this project. Fortunately, finally the project saw the daylight!
I wish you all the successes of the project and the whole team @wise-team, keep it up :)

I am an early adopter and I got to say this is an amazing concept and works really well already. I hope to see many more features but this is something that is super helpful to me as I don't want to create a Wordpress blog - and believe me, I have done it often enough and understand the WordPress system very well. However, I am looking for simplicity and Engraved offers that out-of-the-box.

Really beautiful. So amazing. Considering that I will pay with 15% for each post on that platform Engrave... Does it support ads?

Themes customization will be available soon and it is up to you if you decide to add ads or not ;)

Sounds good. Excelente! 😎

Very awesome new project to enrich Steem's ecosystem. Good job!

It looks like there's no content in the site yet, get more content!

on which site? :)

very impressive, this is an amazing platform, I think this is worth a try ... thank you for inviting us to create a blog that can be seen and appreciated by everyone ... this is a new platform and I will decide to join with others ... allow me to resteemed,, @engrave

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