Could COVID-19 lead us into a new age of massive technology adoption

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Difficulties emerging from the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) are probably going to quicken the utilization of existing and new innovations as people go begin to isolate themselves from the public, what with the new work from home policy that is going around which is aided by the presence of tech.

A research conducted by Nielsen indicated that most consumers think that three main ingredients will contribute to an increase in the adaptation of technology during the period of this crisis, I have summarized two of those ingredients below.

1. Unable to visit stores physically, consumers are likely to become endeared to shopping online

Ecommerce adoption has already been on a steady rise since the beginning of the century.

Though, the established pattern for this adoption has been similar globally with some industries going in before the others

The coronavirus however might help make the switch to ecommerce faster now than ever.

2. A distortion in the flow of supply will force buyers to approach manufactures directly

With retail supply dynamically tested due to measures taken against COVID-19, numerous customers may at first experience scarcity while search for their desired products. Buyers would in turn begin looking for alternatives.

This might push manufacturers to adopt a direct to consumer approach for selling their products by establishing alternative online sources.

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