Trying Alternative DAPPs

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A lot has been discussed/read over the last couple of weeks in regards to Steemit, STEEM/TRON.

Is this a good thing or is it a bad thing ?

Only time will tell, but one must respond positively in order to see what best suits themselves at any given. In some ways I'm greatful because I decided to look for alternative Dapps.

What I have been usingReplaced with
Steemit (blog)Engrave (huge improvement for bloggers)
Steemit (wallet functions)SteemWorld (powerful and still discovering functions)
Steem-Engine (tokens)Steemleo DEX
The big one for me is blocktrades, this is my link between my ETHEREUM wallet and my STEEM wallet. As long as this stays intact I'm not too concerned over anything else. Upvote, downvote, curation are not as important to me when I know I can still support contents creators by sending STEEM via Steemleo DEX.
I enjoy purchasing the STEEM token, and as long as the coin is available, I will continue to do so via Ethereum.

Other decisions:- has never played well on any of my devices and over the last 2 month has never played at all. Which is a shame because I'm trying to make a clean break away from Youtube. So currently I'm uploading any videos I create onto Youtube then embedding them onto my posts.

making those important decisions

Exhaust, I really did like using this Dapp, unfortunately to view my full blog posts it needed to be viewed on a different front-end, like steemit, or esteem. As I am moving away from steemit I've decided to post my cycling/running activities onto Engrave, which really makes sense as that is going to be my main Blog front-end.

Staying ActiveMain Personal Blog: Outdoor Activities, Electronics, Reviews, Creativity, Linux, Contests.
Steem RidersBlog dedicated to Steem Friends Using Strava, All Activities Supported
StravaFollow Me on Strava.
TwitterGet notifications as I share my posts on this platform, I also use this to donate BAT tokens.

Follow Me on Engrave
staying active

Crypto SupportWallet
  • with every post comes experience, as we all strive to do better.
  • curate/up vote, let's encourage and inspire each other.

Originally posted on Riders On The Steem. Steem blog powered by ENGRAVE.


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Will your posts not appear on exhaust in the near future then? Feeling a bit sad about that!

I'm not quite sure how @exhaust works, but when you enter "kiwibloke" in the search, then click on one of the posts from the results, you get the photo's and the stats, but the rest of the content (for me) doesn't show. To get around this I share the link with the Steemit's front end to my other social media accounts. An example, create the post on exhaust then share:-


I was happy with that, until the TRON thing. I haven't really posted anything of substance until I can find a new front end that satisfies my link requirements.

My delegation (and support) to exhaust will always remain, I still like the DAPP and because I follow exhaust, I get to see the rebloggs of people I don't follow. I get to see the full post using esteemapp, all my upvotes/curating/following is done on this DAPP.

Exhaust has the people who I totally relate to, sports wise. These people share not only their activities, but the passion and story behind the post (the good, the bad, the embarrassing).

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