Huge ENGRAVE update: multiple blogs per user, multiple users per blog and more!

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Wow, @engrave wonderful news, you have done an excellent work. This is really great. Totally amazing, thanks thanks a lot. =)

Thanks so much and glad to see Im now an early adopter and cant wait to check everything out on my desktop tomorrow.

That gif is excellent!

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You guys did crazy works.
I hope you get more people and be popular blog platform.

I believe you guys do it.

Also, Importing old posts from blockchain is awesome feature. Many steem users can enter your platform.


Wow it's just amazing and the kind of thing I was waiting for since a long. These will surely help bloggers to realize the power of steem blockchain. I always wanted to have my website but no coding skills. I am a graphic designer and motion artist. Blogging will help me a lot to showcase my artworks.

And this is why I created Engrave - to help people without technical skills to easily create and configure blogs with custom domains and appearance.

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Thank you :)

Yea! Finally!
I've waited way too long!^^

Sorry for being quiet for a long time. Hope you will still want to use our platform :)

The project looks very promising.
I would like get back to blogging on the the Steem blockchain but prefer to create own blog under own domain, exactly what Engrave offers and i'm ready to try it out.

However two things that i am missing and that would make it perfect for our blog are:

  1. Have the option to choose an Engrave instance hosted in Europe. I don't mind sharing a higher commission for that.
  2. A template or option to disable the whole money/token/$ aspect from the blog, which only disincentives many of our visitors and content creators. Number of votes, likes or views is more then enough on our blog.

PS. Engrave blogs have 2018 is the copyright footer.

Ad.1) Is this because of the latency? Actually, we have our servers located in the USA but it might change if we scale the project worldwide.
Ad.2) This is the thing we consider for a long time. Direct money incentive is great if it's high enough, but if it's low, it does exactly the opposite. Showing net votes or STU might be much better because it is coin-price independent.

We may start with an appropriate theme, this is a good idea.

Engrave blogs have 2018 is the copyright footer.

Thanks, fixed :)

Thank you for the answers.

  1. Mainly, yes. Members of our project are in Sweden and visitors to our blog, no reason to route the traffic via US. As bonus this would reduce the tracking a tiny bit. I guess most users of Steem are in US, but hosting an instance in EU could be another good "seeling" point of Engrave for users in EU.

  2. Is it possible to edit the existing Engrave themes as a user or create own?

Yes, the verry nice a fantasi, and rekomendate your work.

Good to hear that!

Yes, friends

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