Feature: XML Sitemap for every blog to boost Google indexing speed

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Thank you for your contribution. You can actually write a script to submit the sitemap periodically to Google, Bing and other search engines. I wrote a PHP script to do this long time ago and it still works!

For bigger sites, single sitemap.xml may become too big to be accepted by most search engines. e.g. Google denies sitemap with more than 5000 URLs, in which case you need to categories your URLs and store in separate sub-sitemap. Also, the sitemap can be zipped as well.

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Thank you for the details! I am aware of sitemaps limitations and I'm going to introduce a simple solution for that in the near future. Sitemaps could be automatically split into "chunks" (or like you said - sub-sitemaps). But right now there is no such a big blog on Engrave for which it could be a problem :)

I believe that using Google Search Console is much better than submitting sitemaps automatically because of useful information (like search positions, CTRs, etc) this service provides. I will, of course, consider pushing those sitemaps automatically to the services mentioned by you but for now - let bloggers do that manually :)

Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

Hi Team @engrave,

I recently bought the domain name ChrisRice.blog and I just set it up on @engrave a few minutes ago.

  • It said that I can open my blog but once I did, it took me to someone elses @engrave blog.

Can you help me get it up and running?

I am going to transfer my blog ChrisRice.xyz on Blogger to ChrisRice.blog on @engrave. Then if Steem trends like I think it will I will forward the Blogger URL to ChrisRice.blog and use the domain ChrisRice.xyz as a splash page to display my social media accounts and upcoming projects.

~ @chrisrice

I was just turned onto your site today, very nice job. This is what I've been waiting for since the bootstrap phase!

Visit @engrave profile in a day or two :)

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Really great to see this get added.

I have planned to add this for weeks and your comment actually gave me a kick to make it happen :)

Good day.

There are several questions:
When will you be able to create your own templates or when the template designer will appear?

There is a lack of a function where you can insert your own link or create a menu from your own links.

Insert a piece of your code into a template.

What will happen to the site if you suddenly stop your development and turn off your hosting, is it possible to place your code on your hosting?

I am sorry, translation via Google translator.

Напишу и на русском языке, вдруг вы понимаете).

Есть несколько вопросов:
Когда будет возможность делать собственные шаблоны или когда появится конструктор шаблонов?

Очень не хватает функции где можно вставить собственную ссылку или создавать меню из собственных ссылок.

Вставлять в шаблон кусок своего кода.

Что будет с сайтом если вы вдруг прекратите свою разработку и отключите свои хостинги, можно ли разместить ваш код на своем хостинге?

Hi! We hope it will be possible in a month or so. We're working on new dashboard and API which will allow us to introduce that kind of features much quicker.

Engrave is open source and everyone with appropriate knowledge, experience and funds are able to set up a project on its own. And, of course, all articles are stored on blockchain so you will never lose your content.

Could you make it so that I could install the engrave platform on my hosting as easy as WordPress?

Just if you abandon the development of my domain will stop working, all the articles will end up on the steem blockchain, but all the indexed pages with my domain that will be registered to your hosting will lose their weight. I want to avoid this outcome.

The self-hosted version is in our roadmap but it is not a priority.

Where can I see your roadmap?

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Tell me what I need to change in the settings of the domain name?Снимок экрана 2019-04-15 в 13.39.44.png

Added CNAME record, but still doesn't work
Снимок экрана 2019-04-15 в 14.02.35.png

I can not add a site, this window appears.
Снимок экрана 2019-04-15 в 14.03.52.png

What am I doing wrong?

The question is removed, it all worked!

DNS propagation takes time so after any change, you need to wait a few minutes. Worst case, it can take even up to 48h.

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