COOKING CONTEST #2| Rice pudding

in english •  5 months ago


Hello friends of Steemit. This time I present my entry to the cooking contest led by the chef @leeuw and @jennimorillo
We are free in the contest to prepare what we want this is the good thing so I thought of some dessert or something sweet, we all love to eat cakes and everything that contains sugar, I think not shace happy.

I tell you a little about the history of this dessert or rice pudding, because it is usually prepared on Easter, there are different foods and desserts that are prepared these days, rice pudding is one of my favorites that I can eat any month of the month. years, of that there is no problem.

My mom usually prepares it for that date as well as my grandmother and I think that there is not a better rice with milk, here try to prepare a similar one adding an additional ingredient that is condensed milk, so it is not common to use it but they give it a good flavor as well as creaminess.



The ingredients for the preparation of Rice with milk with:

  • Rice
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Condensed milk (special ingerdiente)
  • Cinnamon (powder to decorate and on branches to give flavor)
  • Vanilla (optional)

I did it in the style of my mom and she starts making the rice until it is a little white, this is to avoid evaporating all the milk since in the normal procedure you should cook the rice with the milk, but not here, then ready the rice add milk, sugar, condensed milk and cinnamon on branches, mix and let boil.

Its consistency should be creamy as seen in the photos, decorate with a little cinnamon powder and eat!




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This one dish this one dish is perfect for breakfast, lunch. high in energy - we need for our daily work and then blogging on steemit and earning a little more with STEEM or sometimes SBD. and the cinnamon touch is brilliant and healthy (check it out) and @leeuw recommends the (more expensive and rather rare but more healthy) 'ceylon' variant. honourable mention at the very very least @jennimorillo? oh, btw @leeuw viewed some STEEMFEST-3 videos and the Dapps being developed on the STEEM blockchain are totally inspiring. we saw partiko, busy-Version-3, eSteem, fundition, steemhunt, appics, wallets with crypto integration, and many many more really you wish to see this when you have time. some videos you have to skip ahead through some behaviour, you see, nerds will be nerds and geeks will be geeks but the products under further development show clearly the we are on track to greatness! for ex. (skip directly to minute 44:00)


Thank you very much my friend @leeuw is so cinnamon is healthy helps many digestive problems, gives a good touch to the sweets. Is there a cinnamon or a variety of it that is more expensive? I did not know her, it would be good to do a little research. @leeuw have you ever eaten rice pudding?

@yesslife, great presentation, I wanted more sweet and you gave it to me, I love rice pudding, @leeuw sure you want to try it, of course it deserves a mention of honor, be the expensive ingredients that were used in this recipe, so it was the effort that was made

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