My longing for his music

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Hello friends of steemit, after a few days away from this beautiful platform I return to tell you a little more about me, in this case about how I longed to get home every time I left her in my childhood, just to listen to the music that I liked or that I still like.

Although I was born in Caracas I lived most of my childhood in Barinas state, that's where I learned to love nature, our environment, my country, but strangely I must say that it does not escape from the Backstreet Boys phenomenon, who was the best world group of those days, thanks to them I learned to love music in English, I really loved and love that group to make those days of my childhood beautiful days, beautiful days, fantastic days, days where I longed to be at home just to listen to their music.


Today in my adulthood, I only remember all the beauty of those days, how I longed to hear those beautiful songs, how I fell in love with the music of Backstreet Boys.

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Who was a Backstreet Boys fan knows how beautiful that was, being a Backstreet Boys fan was one of the most beautiful things in my childhood, thanks to them I laughed, I cried, I danced, I fell in love, everything was so beautiful, so fantastic, so beautiful that it would never be erased from my mind, nor from my heart.


I do not know if after the Backstreet Boys there was a group that would make as many girls dream as they did, if there ever were, they will not be as wonderful as Backstreet Boys.


As I stopped loving this group, as I stopped dreaming of them in my childhood, if even a song in Spanish launched another reason to love them, to long to come home and listen to their music.


For many to have been a fan of these guys was something silly, for me it was a part of my beautiful and fantastic life, where you were allowed to dream where your only problem was to get home to be able to listen to their music the music of Backstreet Boys.

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