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Week 50 - 12/12/2019
Thursday True - #DailyTopicBlog

Hey Steemians,

Welcome to my DailyTopicBlog on Thursday. Unfortunately I didn't manage to post the blog yesterday. That's why both blogs of Thursday & Friday are available today.

Little info on the side, because too few people vote & comment I decided to end the "Mention Shoutout" for the time being. This is the last mention today.


How are doctrines formed?

Beliefs arise through experience or through the influence of other people, they never simply arise by themselves. This is noticeable in children. Nothing is impossible for a child, they want to become princesses, kings, policemen, firemen or astronauts. But as time goes by, these children will make their experiences. They are e.g. urged by the school, the system or by parents to do something "SAFE".

Such measures lead to people forming doctrines, whether positive or negative. Beliefs are so important, I always say so beautifully "The sum of your thoughts makes your character". Positive doctrines give you reasons to do something, whereas negative doctrines give you excuses not to do something.

How do I change my doctrines?

To change a doctrine you need an experience that proves the opposite. Take for example an old relationship. Loving them was a doctrine. You have this new experience with that person. After 3 months or more you have experiences and through this experience you put down the doctrine to love this person.

That's the way it is with almost all doctrines. Many have the doctrine that rich people are bad people. In the USA there are over 27 million people who have a fortune of over a million. How many of them do you know personally? Even 0.01% are still 2700 people. That would be a logical experience.

There is also an emotional experience that can change a doctrine. Here is the story. A racist has to be operated in hospital. The leading surgeon is a black man. The racist refused to be operated by this surgeon and insulted the surgeon. The surgeon persuaded the racist to perform the surgery anyway. Many nurses asked the surgeon why he wanted to operate on a racist. He said it was his job to do this.

After the successful surgery and recovery of the racist, he was released. On parting, the racist reached out to the surgeon and said to him, "Thank you for the surgery, although I was such an asshole to you, they operated on me anyway. You are a good person. Thank you".

This experience has changed the racial dogma. So there are normal experiences, logical experiences & emotional experiences that can change our beliefs.


It's just up to you to meet as many people as you can. Get to know people who are successful and where you want to be.



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I seee a lot of potential, but never forget to source your used pictures, otherwise it will be plagiarism.
I decided to feature you in the @pifc today for some extra exposure and i have upvoted this blog, see you around , blog on

Okay thanks for the Tip. Okay but I hope you saw my Info. In 2020 I'll have a new Account under @itsonursezer.

Interesting post, I enjoyed the last story about the doctor.

Congratulations on being featured by @brittandjosie in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

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