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Week 50 - 12/11/2019
Wednesday Wish - #DailyTopicBlog

Hey Steemians,

Welcome to my DailyTopicBlog on Wednesday. I hope your week runs well and relaxed so far. Today is all about wishes.

Influence of desires on the brain

Our desires affect our brains. The Max Planck Institute in Cologne has conducted a study and found out that the reward centre in the brain imparts coloured judgements through its own desires.

Which means so much that our desires activate the reward center and affect our judgment. Our conclusions for certain events. Like when you are hungry or suffering from financial problems, you will make bad decisions because your Reward Center is not activated. Once you have eaten or received money, your brain will be rewarded, leading to better decisions.

Having wishes causes exactly the same effect. A person without wishes is someone without goals. Then you need not wonder if you are depressed.

How do I define wishes?

Last Wednesday I wrote about positive and negative wishes. Maybe you didn't read it so I'll repeat it for you.

Most people wish to avoid the negative. What means so much is that they wish a negative event would not happen. But the brain does not function according to this logic. The brain clearly wants the result. It does not understand the negative expression "NOT or NONE".

If you don't like your salary, it won't do your brain much good if you just want more money or say:"I DESIRE I DO NOT HAVE SUCH SALARY" OR "I DESIRE I WOULD SERVE MORE." The brain doesn't understand such statements because the brain then tries to plan the next step.

As a small example: You are not standing in front of a wall and wish that it simply falls down. It also doesn't help if you wish you had a tool. You have to wish for exactly the tool you need. Because then the brain thinks about where you could possibly get this tool from and then follows one step after the other..


Wish you as often as possible something BUT your wishes should be positive and as accurate as possible. Your brain needs a good brain input otherwise desires don't really bring much.



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Week 50 - Tuesday Thankful

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