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Hello steemit people, have you been wondering what music is? Well maybe it has some scientific name, or as it appears in the joint dictionary of successive sounds combined according to this art, besides some other adjectives.


But for me music is one of the wonders of the world, music relaxes you, makes you happy, encourages you in all its genres, the music is so rich that if you are in love there is music for you, if you are deprecated there is one for you to get out of that depression, if you want to dance there is one for you, if you want to jump there is one for you, if you want to sleep there is one for you in the end there is for all the music it is life and only you decide in what way to live.


In my case I've said it a million times I like all kinds of music, but I usually listen to soft music, unless I'm happy for some reason I put music more moved music for the occasion, that's why I say that music gives everything and for everyone even for those who believe they lack some screws and I apologize the way to say it but I can not find another adjective.


Music is dreaming, music is living, music is life, music falls in love, music is everything.



“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche ―

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