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The most advantageous part of the English is that one person and one minute will not be vacated. If you go back home from the house, the lid's repair works will be damaged if the stove is in the garden or the cab for the wall or if the pipe is repaired.

Cleanliness is their important value.
The important lesson they have learned from their clean lives. If it is possible, you should always be ready to do anything without any hesitation.

Gandhi has got these lessons from the English. He studied in London. '

Says Shri, who was the private secretary of Mahatma Gandhi who built up British imperialism from India. The wedding.

(The interview by Karasseri Mahesh in this language linguistani)

Shri. The wedding continues

You should learn English and labor. From Monday morning to Friday evening, we will be working hard. Saturn is resting and enjoying on Sundays. At that time no work will be done.

This broad and honorable way to respect the good qualities of the opposite should be from the Gandhiji.

Saip of the world conquered
This is the reason why Bharat was closed for 200 years.

The Englishman did not have any intelligence or intelligence to employ a culture that made everybody who worked and acted as a delusion.

The greatest brutality that has been committed to generations of burdens is the abhorrentness of physical labor.

He is the one who made the most beautiful crowns of art and molds made of beautiful earthen pots and pots.

Sculptor in the cradle of the cacophony of the great temples and palaces.

The soft gold jewelery is backwards

Ironstone is a rust in the caste system.

Barbar Melancholy, who has made faces of crooked lukewarm hair, is a permanent laughing sticker in Malayalam cinema.

In the eyes of the nobleman who had worked in the soil and the hundred rupees agrarian revolution,

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