Voyage of EC: A Status Update

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It was the beginning of 2017 and I found myself in the unfortunate situation that my money was running out, while still not having a source of income. I made a deadline to which I either had a way to sustain myself, or use the last money to travel back home and get a job.

Becoming independent needs time and this means you must be able to keep going

While there might have been another way, my plans and life were shaken hard when I got news that my mother had a health incident and was delivered to a hospital, where she then passed away a week later on February the 10th.

I left Chile at the end of the month, to support my family and take part in the funeral.

I decided early on that I don't want to be sad when I think of my mother. I'm blessed to have had the honor to live in the presence of a person that understood to enjoy every day. She knew her passion and managed to build her live around it.

After finding balance in live again I started with the necessary job search to continue building my own life. Sadly I had to leave my girlfriend Jess back in Chile, but as of today we still hold a strong contact and are happy to see each other soon. She helped me a lot during this hard time and took a lot of stress from my soul. For this I will be eternally grateful to her.

After 3 months of writing applications I'm now finally getting a position. I'm happy that I will have a way to make my own money and have an opportunity to learn a lot. The position is that of a technical integration engineer, that has the task to connect the development department with that of the customers, meeting their needs and finding solutions.

I'm looking forward for a lot of diplomacy, negotiations, finding technical solutions and meeting a lot of smart people. While my future employer talked about that they, as long they are happy with me, would like to employ me long time, I still see it as a well paid internship. I still will pursue my own goal with Engineercampus on the side and use the job to build skills and fund the growth of my empire.

The last months left a deep mark on me, but I managed to keep my mood up.
I learned that life ends, but that it is on us to fill it with joy and excitement.

We are dropped in this crazy world by our mothers and the right way to reward them is to enjoy the fuck out of it!

Thanks mom! <3


Nice post and good luck to you. You now have a new follower.

Hang in there bro, I am a Mechanical Engineer its the same situation in the Middle East market and I fortunately still have both my parents in good health with me, I am grateful for that to the creator for that. I know its a very tough time for us Engineer's because of the political shakeups world wide where everyone is trying to become successful at other industries expenses, hopefully we all will Enjoy the heck out of our life's and get into better position in careers soon. Until then stay strong .

Thank you for the positive words.
Once we realize it's up to us, we can engineer the life we want.
All the best for you and your family!

@engineercampus money is crazy!! Your story is inspiring man! If you get the chance, can you upvote my newest post where I teach you how to become a millionaire with crypto? :) Thanks!

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