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RE: 🏆 The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

in #engagement4 years ago

Thanks to @esteemapp for sponsoring the EL League! You guys are the best!

And thanks to @abh12345 for all the work you do and for being the encouragement we all need to be a little more active than we might have been if we didn't have you!

Congrats to @tattoodjay on your win this week and on your SBI share from @janton!

@brittandjosie! 2nd place! Yay! You rock! I'm sending your SBI share now!

@erikah - Congrats on taking 3rd -well done!

And congrats to @veryspider, @chireerocks, @dswigle, @newageinv, @steemflow, @paulag, and @bengy for being in the green! Great numbers this week!

Everyone who is on this list is pretty darn amazing and I love engaging with all of you!


Thank you so much and have a great time ahead.

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Hope you have a great week, too!

Thank you so much and you too.

Thanks! It was nice to just scrape in this week!

Nicely done! And well deserved!

Thank you Melinda, I'm waiting for you to come back.

Thanks for that! I'm still engaged, just at a bit slower pace and off the list for now!

Thanks and yes!!! Everyone is so engaging! :)

Congrats to you! Even with your busy week you did great!

Much better than I thought I would! This week will be busier! Several double work days. Work + volunteer evening. But... we'll muddle through! Hope you have a fabulous week!

Thanks @melinda010100!

For the kind words to me, our sponsors, and for sponsoring a number yourself. Happy to have you engaging here on Steem!

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