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Good morning/afternoon @abh12345. I take it from your announcement regarding a later posting next week for the leagues lists that there's some kind of news coming regarding yourself and so forth... I hope it's good news for you.

I see I maintained a Top 20 listing (barely). I can also see that janton and melinda010100 seem to be completely off the list (at least my old eyes weren't able to find them).

So, we have a different winner. Lots of comments, though, and the closest I've seen someone come to a janton score in the revamped system. The question becomes, how long can that kind of pace be sustained. I guess we shall see.

Thank you as always, Asher, for all of this. I think there are plenty of people here continually excited about engaging each week because of these lists—even those who might not have the time to work into the the Top 10.

Thanks to @esteemapp for continuing their sponsorship.

Okay, so now we have SBI for first and second?!

Let's just say, if I manage to land on any of those numbers currently receiving SBI, I'd really rather the SBI be given to the next person down, or whatever. I think I still have one another person gave me, and surely someone else can use them and appreciate them more than me. :)

Congratulations to everyone for their placements. Well done.

Onward and upward.


Hi Glen

Well spotted, and yes I think it's good news - not a job but something to make coming back to Mallorca a bit more interesting, for a weekend at least.

The SBI's for 1st and 2nd were picked by janton and melinda010100 who have also both decided to take a break.

I enjoy hearing from the people 'just checking in', even if they know their name is unlikely to be in the top ranks - almost like they are looking for new blood to engage with :)

The SBI's are out of my control, and so I guess you'll have to liase with the distributor if that is the case.


@abh12345. I specifically asked to be removed from the list for the time being I need to take a break from the EL for a time and it's easier to avoid the competition if my name is not included. Thanks!

re: Mallorca

Okay. Well, I'm glad to hear it's good news and look forward to reading what it might be. I might even attempt to be patient about it. I think there's an obvious guess based on your answer, but I will refrain for now. :)

re: break

Did they just not show up on the list because their numbers didn't hit the top 100, or did they ask to have their names removed from the list totally? No big deal either way. Just curious, really. It's different not finding them anywhere, let alone not at the top. :)

re: SBIs

Okay. I shall get in contact with all seven. :)

I'll write about it, perhaps on Friday morning, not long to go now :)

I removed them from the processing query, in hindsight they may still want to be on the list but in standard abh12345 white - it's just a bit easier for me this way but I think I can manage to remember to do that.

@janton @melinda010100

SBI's - you should be collecting these Glen!

re: removed


re: collecting

Maybe you can fill me on what I'm missing, because maybe I don't see the full picture here. A lot of people do collect SBIs like they're beanie babies or baseball cards (STEEM Monster cards? :).

Isn't SBI STEEM's version of universal basic income, and does it not essentially come from the same source as all our rewards, and isn't it basically saying everyone regardless of who they are and what they're capable of, should get some level of support?

And aren't they, since there's more than one account, more or less vote bots? Someone else generally subscribes to them on your behalf, so that's a little different, but there's still STEEM exchanging hands for upvotes (although pretty small, at least what I seem to get) and then all those accounts, large to small, can grow via curation.

They are good if you are here for the long-term, i have not calculated how many years you would need to be here for 100 STEEM/SBI's to break even though.

Pretty much a vote bot with size based on investment - the twist being as you mentioned, that you can boost someone else's vote.

I'm not fully convinced that it is better than holding stake, earning through curation, and then one day powering down and selling.

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