The Curation and Engagement Leagues ๐Ÿ†

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With 30 STEEM and a number of SBI shares to be won - sign up, engage, and win! ๐ŸŽ

Welcome to the Engagement and Curation leagues. How does your engagement on Steem compare against others?

This weeks Post is sponsored by @esteemapp - A mobile and desktop app for Steem.

Thank you for your sponsorship @esteemapp!

League Info

Would you like to enter the leagues? Make a comment below - this is for a lifetime membership and so you will need to ask to be removed.

The league tables are reset each week and so any time is a good time to join!

The Engagement League

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
  • Up-votes to others (V)
  • Up-votes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - No minus score but no bonus STEEM (S V)

Note: Copy/Paste comments will be excluded!

Engagement League Table

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you among the top 15% of the league entrants!

  • 333 accounts earned a score this week (348 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 844 top level posts (841 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 8424 comments (9480 last time)
  • The top 100 produced over 1.69 million characters of text in comments (1.76 last time)
  • The top 100 cast 34608 votes (31022 last time), of these, 256 were self-votes (206 last time)

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner:

@johannpiber ! ๐Ÿ†

Johann finishes top of the EL yet again and is again followed by Kitty - well done both! 3rd this week, and his highest placing thus far, @galenkp - bravo!

Excellent engagement levels also from @chireerocks, @brittandjosie, @mad-runner, @dandays, @markkujantunen, @steevc, and @sunlit7 who will all be receiving some STEEM this week.

Those without a self-vote and placed in the top ranks will also receive a little STEEM. These people are: @felixgarciap, @anggreklestari, @tarazkp, @bengy, @abitcoinskeptic, and @bashadow.

Well done everyone!

The Curation League / Rewards based

NOTE: If you have started a power-down or been involved in delegations in/out of your account, you will not appear on this list for 15 days following the activities above. Thanks!

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

๐ŸŽ Prizes ๐ŸŽ

The Engagement League

0 votes to self - Spot Prizes

Lucky numbers

The list is ordered by the date that sponsor first offered a prize for their lucky number.


A big thank you to all the sponsors and well done to the winners!

If anyone wishes to sponsor a number give me a shout and I'll try to remember to add it next week.

And if you no longer want to sponsor a number, no worries just let me know :)


  • If you have spotted any glaring mistakes in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

Have a good day all,


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Congratulations to all the winners!!! You are winners just by being here on the list! An extra shoutout to @johannpiber for scoring the #1 spot again this week! Well done and keep up the good work. (You do work, right?) LOL Congratulations @Wakupkitty! Another awesome week of engagement and a surprise 3rd for @galenkp!! That rounds out the top and it is excellent engagement all the way around, all things considered with Thanksgiving, upcoming Christmas and low price of steem.

Congratulations to lucky #9 @steevc! I have sent you 3Steem for the prize!

Thank you, Asher, for keeping the League alive and running! It is always fun to come over and see how the cards fall!

!tip .30

Good morning and thank you very much Denise / @dswigle ๐Ÿ™‚

Isn't Steemit work enough? But in order to feed my family I do have a second full time job besides Steemit, and if Steemit lets me some time I work for real money ๐Ÿ˜‰

I thank you again and wish you a great week Denise ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey @dswigle, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER

Thank you for the kind words Denise, and for the sponsorship and kind tip. Have a lovely week!

Always my pleasure!

Congratulations all!! 8 so have to up my game somewhat!.. Congrats also to @abitcoinskeptic you have 5sbi from me!!

I had a shocker this week, no posts! :O

Which reminds me, I need to see what beer you had yesterday :)

I thought you were quite quiet! Is that you started the new job then?

Yeah been so tired all week, up at 6, ouch!

And you are back into the swing of things too?

Yeah, man. Heading into my fourth week back. Starting to feel like normal again work wise. Thank God there is a Christmas night out and various shenanigans soon!!!

Hope it's going well dude and not just a boring read fest like last time!

Various shenanigans start tomorrow for me with a spot of karting. Iโ€™m terrible and will be the slowest for sure!

Friday at work I printed a report. Took the whole day and used 12 raheeems of paper - terriblรฉ all round!

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Follow @esteemapp as well!

Thanks for the sponsorship!

Thank you very much Asher ๐Ÿ˜Š

I have transferred 5 SBI to @hangin who is on the lucky number 12 ๐ŸŽ

I congratulate all members of the league and especially the ones who have made it on top of the list ๐Ÿ† and wish everybody much fun and engagement for next week.

!tip 0.3

Great stuff Johann, is that 5 or 6 in a row now?!

Thanks as always for sponsoring a number, and thank you for the generous tip!

My pleasure,
I thank you Asher, and I have no idea, but I think 5 times would be correct ;)


Double figures could be on its way!

I've just noticed the 'posted with steemreply' which is a hyperlink - picking up some points there so I'll try to negate these for coming weeks which may bring you back to the chasing pack a little!

Maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰
I thought links and HTML tags etc would be subtracted anyway.
What about the !BEER or the !DERANGED or other bot commands? If you subtract these too I can only hope to be in the top 20 ;)

Iโ€™ll have to see how long the query takes. Steemreply need to add a header to the JSON to help me!

Never mind, just count my replies, multiply this number by the characters of the SteemReply footer and subtract the number ;)
I make about 90% of my replies with SteemReply, because it's one of the best tools around, so this number might be quite large - I think, SteemReply helped me to win ;) lol

Have a great week @abh12345 ๐Ÿ™‚


I don't want to over-mark you down and am looking for a section of the text in each comment - it might take too long though! :D

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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deranged You just received DERANGED @abh12345 Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

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Glad to see my curation number are up now I just have to work on my engagement numbers a little bit.

Nice :) Hopefully we'll see a rise in these too.

Shit I dropped to 5th am I slipping or are we getting better contestants? I DONT MIND, I LOVE THE LEAGUE ! But I am trying to beat johann. We got a new janton in him, 5 times in a row @johann.piber well deserved ! @wakeupkitty with 25 blogs AMAZING and @galenkp great job but I hope you donโ€™t need to be in the office and tell your boss about the slow work this week ..... guess be both new this league guy๐Ÿ˜‰
@asher12345 love that we see a lot of new names or names climbing up in the list. Thanx for the steem.
Hope that the job was good ,

I think we have new members challenging for the top 10.

Friday wasnโ€™t so good but this week will be better I think. Have a good one!

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER

Thank you for the steem, that was nice, I was surprised to find myself in the top 20 again, it seemed like a slow week, and it kind of was for me, but I did have a few long comments, and a few back and forth comments, so I guess it all helped. It also helped that there were just a few less comments over-all this last week, I am sure it was because of the Holiday. While America may have Thanksgiving, it is mostly a harvest holiday, I am sure there are lots of places around the world that have holidays in late November to celebrate the bringing in of the harvest, and the preparations for the onslaught of winter. Which we are finally having here where I live, we awoke to an inch of nice clean looking fresh snow, looks like we may end up with a lot from this system, but it could still change and turn back to rain, border temps for snow about 35 F / 1 C.

It was nice to see a few people out and about this week still posting and voting and commenting. I expect we will have a few more short weeks, then mid Jan next year a pick-up in the comments and post. Spring is Coming, let us prepare. We always prepare for Winter, why not prepare for Spring. Winter is no longer coming it is here.

Just scraping in there, that will do nicely :)

I much prefer Spring over Winter and look forward to it being light when I get up for work again.

Spring is much preferred, the days start to get longer and it is no longer dark at four o'clock in the afternoon, plus most of the fluffy white stuff is done.

Very cool to see you still keeping the Leagues going, Asher!

I've been so "busy with other stuff" for so long it's not even funny... and I was surprised to see myself show in the list at all.

Congratulations to this week's winners... it's good to know that there are still many stalwarts who keeping plugging away at it!

Two years and counting!

This week my engagement has been low but you are right - there are plenty keeping the chain active :)

Thanks again to @Tattoodjay for the extra prize this week! I'm just dropping by quickly to send in my super duper SBI share for @cloudblade!

Cheers @bengy! In the colours again this week I see :D

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