🕯️avoiding lethargy 🕯️[1 minute wellness #002]

in #energy3 years ago

lethargy is the enemy. it is that feeling when your energy is sapped, when you don’t want to move around or think too hard. zombie mode.

lethargy happens to me for many reasons:

  • bad diet 🍔
  • bad sleep 🛌
  • stress/anxiety 📱
  • aimlessness 😒
  • drug use / drinking or smoking too much 🚬

if my body is in good shape and i know what i should be doing with my time, lethargy is less of an issue.

want some music to go along with this post? check out bloomer, free to stream and download.

for me a thing that helps a lot is:

(1) pay attention to which activities make me feel lazier/more lethargic, and then
(2) avoid those activities.

for example i stopped watching fictional tv shows b/c i hate that feeling of sitting around and watching a screen for literally 6+ hours at a time like i used to do while “binge-watching” shows. 📺

another example is that if i smoke weed now i try to go outside of the house so i can’t get “couch-locked” 🛋️

⏱️warning: lethargy costs a lot lot lot of time ⏱️

4, 5, 6 hours a day lost to the lethargy monster. it's real for many people.

think about how much time can get sucked into bad lethargic habits. have you ever spent all night watching youtube or tv reruns and just felt shitty about it after? that kind of thing is always going on, people losing all their spare time to low-energy media grazing. 🐮🐮🐮

worse yet is the lethargy bender — just spending days at a time, or even weeks, laying around getting nothing done. being dissatisfied, but not working towards changing it.

don’t underestimate the evil power of lethargy. being sapped of energy is a terrible feeling. its so important to cultivate an energetic state and to aspire to spend 14, 15, 16 hours a day doing cool active stuff.

avoiding lethargy in your life is the 🔑🔑🔑

what do you do to avoid being tired/lazy all the time?


I’ve found that the type of music I’m listening to improved energy levels. I love drum and bass, to an almost fanatic level, so I play that when trying to engage. I also try to get up and stretch, because often times a yawn or two, and too much sedentary behavior will leave me stuck. I hear you on the enthusiastic smoking habit..

Music is a good way to get pumped. high energy electronic stuff has that power, sometimes I blast it before work to get myself awake too.

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