The problem with that is:

A) There is not enough crypto-currency to facilitate trade. If you did that tomorrow there would be no where near the required quantity of money to conduct transactions globally. You would need a much larger amount of Crypto-Currency available to make that switch.

B) The Central Bankers will just bankroll their own "E Coin" and dominate the market and take right back over.

C) Businesses are not going to switch over as the Fed Note is the World Reserve Currency.

D) The powers behind the fed may decide to just use their control of the military to wipe out your crypto servers and kill the threat to their currency. You have no way to protect against this at all.

You could replace the USD with Crypto of various kinds but it would take massive investment into crypto currency before hand. It would also take increasing the access to Crypto- and creating printable crypto- coins. Not just a few like there is today.

1). Bitcoin can live offline indefinitely and be booted up again. it is just a ledger of transactions really. 2). There is enough crypto because bitcoin is divisible to the 8th decimal. We will trade millibits not whole bitcoins in the event the whole world uses it. If people hold their funds in crypto and then a government destroys those funds. Good luck trying to get those people to back that government

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