The New Dawn: This Is The Day!

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After night comes day. It seems night has taken too long. Night is normally crowded with pitch darkness. Darkness spells a lot of evils. Witches and evil spirits are rife.

In the night, sickness normally increases. Any pain you were feeling often increases in intendity. Fear grips many people. They fear any evil that lurks in dark corners. Darkness is normally for thieves, prostitutes and evil people. Other people unless the ailing enjoy their sleep. Others become active in making of babies.

Yet, the day has dawned at long last. We have come out of darkness. There is no longer evil lurking in the shadows.

At night people who are asleep are half dead. They may not be able to experience whatever goes on round them. Deep sleep always is accompanied by dreams. Dreams are are movies in which you are an actor or actress.

Yet, day has finally dawned. We are in the light. Our spirits are back in our bodies. We need to function. We need to face life. All the wickedness have gone into hiding. They are waiting to come up at night.

Wake up. Arise! Do it before night comes. Seek your blessings. Demand God's favor. There are things the devil has wanted to deny you all this years. He has never wanted you to work and get rewarded for it. He has never wanted to see you smile. Yet at long last, day has dawned. It is time to recover what you lost.

You can work again. Promotion is in the lurking. Power is yours for the taking. You can smile again. You can love again. For light has come. Bathe in its glory. Dance in its illumination. Walj without stumbling. There are no shadows in the dark.

Light is here with us. It is day again. Avoid laziness. Shun evil thoughts. Never be angry and vexed. Smile. For day has come. Light is here with us.

Achieve what you never thought is achievable. Attain what you never dreamt is attainable. Day has come with new tidings. It has dawned with new promises. Not promises of evil but of hope. Hope for a bright future. A future quite promising.

It is a new dawn. A bright dawn. A dawn quite promising and relaxing. There will no longer be darkness. Suffering is there no more. Rejoice in the new day. Be happy in the new light. Life is worth rejoicing in the NEW DAY.


thanks for your article, I loved this, "dreams are movies in which you can be an actor or actress". When we wake up and realize the potential we have, we can make the impossible happen.

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