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in #encourage2 years ago

Guess what day it is? C'mon guess.... It's Hump Day! I would also like to formally invite everyone, to begin using the tag: encourage

I want to use this platform to encourage people and grow-- together!

I wanted to encourage everyone to be BOLD today. Take on a new challenge. Don't wait for the New Year to begin your resolutions!

I am starting my journey (thanks to Codecademy) to begin 'learning code'- if that's even the correct expression!? I have chosen to start with Python and expand from there. Any insights or tricks would be appreciated, for this 31 year old geezer.

Thanks Steemit Fam! Much Love!!



I would encourage a #encourage. I also think waiting for New Year to begin something is not the optimal move. I will follow you to see you grow.
Also what is Codecademy, can you give a bit more info.