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The rules are simple, folks:

1. Post uplifting and positive items only

2. Care for each other, on Steem and beyond

3. When in doubt, refer to #1 & #2




After deactivating my Facebook, which I used more for trolling anything else the last month, I decided to make a SteemIt account, and only post positive things. I feel much better about having this account, than I did about having a Facebook.

Agreed! Thanks for checking in Chris. I look forward to seeing the encouragement and engagement you bring to the community. Have a great day!!

Please introduce yourselves and let's make this biggest Steemit Community in 2018! BHAG!

I am Jaron, 31 year old Sales Manager in Arkansas. I have two kiddos, age 5 and 3 (well, he will be on the 15th of this month). Whoever coined the term 'terrible twos' must have felt like a fool, when their kid turned 3.


Let me know how I can encourage or help. Cheers!