💻 SteemDesign is here.

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This is dope - http://www.steemitdesign.com/



🌍Support this project by upvoting and improve Steemit's design!


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Thank you so so much @newsflash. Your upvote just paid for domain and hosting for this project for a year.

yo follow me up guys for great daily gaming content and a few laughs, follow upvote comment and resteem for more of the best gaming blog on steemit

Now you are rich mate! :)

Yea! :D upvotes all around.

I like the idea, a lot, but the name is a little confusing. I understand you already purchased the domain, but steemit is the company, and steem is the blockchain. So Steemitdesign.com would imply that this athletic is for products created by Steemit, Inc. while Steemdesign.com would be a better fit for all projects based on the steem blockchain.

Well its the company without the design guidelines for the public. Thats why I created them. The Steem isnt the social network. Steemit is. Thats how its branded to the world.

Oh I see, I apologize, I assumed that these guidelines were meant for all apps built on top of the steem blockchain like Busy.org, Zappl, eSteem, etc. not just Steemit.

Aksteem.com could use some redesign too.

Well, thank you for your feedback I'll take that into consideration.

You should really add the #steemdev tag, that's where I go regularly to find good initiative to support.
Also think of adding your tool to http://steemtools.com

Edit : What is this supposed to be ?

I will add the tag but im sure its too late. I already send it to steemtools.
What is it? Its a place where you can quicly download logos, fonts and colors used by steemit.

Please don't spam on en-steemdash, thanks
Just send reply

I like toast 🍞

You didnt say how long should the posts be. Plus, huge textarea really doesnt say "Post small posts".

Yep, but on SteemDash we posts funny quotes, it's not alternative for Steemit, but for bash.org etc.

nice post ' steemit"

yes, great! needed this!

Thank you very much for upvote.

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