RE: I am an organizer, not a leader. (Follow ideas, not men.) Exploit my power. Tolerate my defects.

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I am an organizer, not a leader. (Follow ideas, not men.) Exploit my power. Tolerate my defects.

in empowerment •  10 months ago

People always do better with feedback which may include people telling other people what to do and we all should desire that more because it gives us more choices and it doesn't have to be too personal because the whole world can read this conversation and they can get involved and that is what it is all about as this is not a private conversation and that is the point.

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It actually IS a private conversation. No one is reading this conversation except you and me. That's why the "views" count no longer appears. There's fucking no one here.

The opposite is the plan for IDEAFARM.COM (free speech zone). Each page will have a full traffic history report. Total transparency.

Even if there are 100 people reading this, they aren't the kind of people who "get involved". I've been present here for more than 3 months, and not a single person has expressed that kind of interest. Probably lots of technical people, and tech types are way more sheep-like than even the general population is.

I'm not counting at all on the people who are currently present on steem. My plan is to find the people that I need to find elsewhere, using my own techniques, and bring them here to use the platform for our own purposes.

The suggestions that I've received here are about as helpful as those of a man who, while walking along a sidewalk, sees a young woman in the bushes being beaten and raped, and "helpfully" pauses to tell her that she should call the police, and then continues on his stroll.