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Join me in pursuit of an idea. Let us be united by this idea: Liberty. Justice. Empowerment. For all. |

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Just moments ago, I found a bug. I'm creating a traffic database so that each page of my "free speech zone" will link to a traffic history report page that shows detailed "view" information for the page. This "free speech zone" will be designed to work with STEEM in that posts to each can link to the other. I'm not going to reinvent what the STEEM portals do. Instead, I'm going to provide the part of the solution that STEEM and its portals cannot or will not provide, including (1) 100% human curation, (2) real community with accountability, and (3) a "killer app" that will attract new people.

Once my software is fully debugged, that will free gobs of my time, which I can then devote to developing the web site.

But none of it will matter if people don't receive it all well, take it for their own, and run with it.

I hope that can work. A lot of variables there. Can you really minimize bots? I love the linking thing.

We'll see what I can do. This is all new, untested software. I am hoping to have something that you can look at in about a week. The "doublestar" idea is to let STEEM develop in whatever direction its "powers that be" decide, which at the moment appears to be to abandon 100% human curation in favor of turning STEEM into a vanity press platform. To find content, readers can either use steemit's trending pages (which will be driven by authors paying bots for votes), or they can use IDEAFARM.COM's knowledge tree "free speech zone", which will contain content that links to STEEM. Authors can post in both places, with each post linking to the other, to maximize their exposure.

Authors who want exposure can either pay for it (STEEM) or write content that a human editor thinks is great (IDEAFARM.COM), or both. Readers can, similarly, use one or the other, or both, to find content.

IDEAFARM.com won't be the only web site to do this, although it will be the only one offering "knowledge tree" capability. Many such web sites could emerge, analogous to many paper magazines competing for readers. A whole ecosystem could develop in which STEEM does what it does best (cryptocurrency) and the Zine web sites doing what they do best (curation).

Love the name, IdeaFarm.com, and I was trying to build MeaOmnia.com some years ago, and Mea Omnia is Latin for my everything, and it was to be like Steemit without bots. Abandoned that project. But having a place without bots is desirable. But I still wonder if it is really possible to eliminate bots. Like, what if I had a bot program on my computer that I were to use on my Steemit account, this account here, sometimes, and I gave the bot program my posting keys, and I programmed it to log into my account to post, comment, resteem, upvote, downvote, transfer, to follow, unfollow, hide, or whatever, would you know it? I guess you could know if you hacked into my computer to find the program. You could assume I was using a bot. And I'm not talking about online bots which you pay. Because you can see those bots. You can know those are bots.

The key idea is to provide alternatives to the "trending page" and "follow" functionality of steemit.com and of STEEM. For me, bots totally destroy the value of these pages. I never look at the trending page. I don't follow anyone, mostly because I'm not given enough control over what shows up in my feed.

Rather than fight political battles trying to get STEEM and steemit.com to change, I'm just going to turn IDEAFARM.COM into an alternative that will provide 100% human curation, in the form of old fashioned human zine editors.

TPTB for STEEM and steemit.com appear to be focused on maximizing the value of the STEEM cryptocurrency and appear to have abandoned the concept of 100% human curation to turn STEEM into a "vanity press" platform. IMO, by focusing on asset value, they have lost sight of, or intentionally turned their backs on, the goal of providing maximum value to authors and to readers. I'm going to step in with a system that focuses on the needs of authors and readers.


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More than you know. I didn't get thrown into jail this morning, but I almost surely will on Friday when I appear for a contempt hearing. The Court ordered me to not send emails to the D.A.. I told the judge that he has no power to make that order, and have continued to send the D.A. emails. (In California, the law is clear about what the judge must do when imposing a gag order on trial participants, and this judge didn't comply with those requirements.)

The traffic page software is developed and partially debugged. But I can't work on it now because I have to deal with events at Court.