RE: I am an organizer, not a leader. (Follow ideas, not men.) Exploit my power. Tolerate my defects.

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I am an organizer, not a leader. (Follow ideas, not men.) Exploit my power. Tolerate my defects.

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More than you know. I didn't get thrown into jail this morning, but I almost surely will on Friday when I appear for a contempt hearing. The Court ordered me to not send emails to the D.A.. I told the judge that he has no power to make that order, and have continued to send the D.A. emails. (In California, the law is clear about what the judge must do when imposing a gag order on trial participants, and this judge didn't comply with those requirements.)

The traffic page software is developed and partially debugged. But I can't work on it now because I have to deal with events at Court.

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I encourage you and others to call Info Wars and other shows and to tell them and to post comments all over social media in places where people can see it, maybe, the more the better.

You mean well, but I don't need people to tell me what I should do. I need people to take the initiative and DO STUFF on my behalf. My part in the "tell the story" project is to get the software for the "free speech zone" (IDEAFARM.COM) working so that there is a traffic history report for each page, and to bring the "archive" link up to date. (I've been so swamped with legal work that my administrative work is two months behind.)

IOW, I need to focus on making the story easy to research and to browse in the "archive" link on IDEAFARM.COM. Once the story is there, it will get crawled and will bring traffic. But I can't do anything about apathy. People who just find me to be entertaining are dead weight. Once I tell the story effectively on IDEAFARM.COM, what happens will all be up to others.