Emercoin is just what you need for the safe future of blockchain

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BTC is King on paper

Well, it is sad truth, but it needs to be understood. BTC blockchain is not very scalable, demand for BTC is mostly formed by investors, so there is no need in attempts to counter this statement. I consider that attempts of wide adoption of Bitcoin blockchain is the main thing that is slowing development of the entire industry and the causes the market crisis. I even have several statements to prove that I am right:

Bitcoin blockchain is not the best base for the applications. Some of you may consider that Ethereum could become the chosen one, but it would be much simple to use Emercoin, because it is the blockchain, which is perfectly designed for decentralized applications. 

Real demand for usage of BTC is much lesser than market demand. It makes BTC extremely volatile. In addition, the whole market depends on the BTC price. That is why market is unable to step out from the crisis until BTC will be growing. 

Almost no one cares about the real security issues. Smart contracts do not work in proper way, thousands of coins had been stolen from the exchanges and BTC does not stand for privacy any more. I have spent several days looking for alternatives and my own comparative analysis proven that Emercoin is the only blockchain, which is able to save current market.

Three reasons to join Emercoin community right now

Emercoin blockchain is very flexible. I mean that it could be used right now and it would be demanded in future, because it have been five years since the release of Emercoin and I can see it evolving. Literally, anyone can see this evolution, there is a lot of information on this topic. 

Emercoin is more reliable than any of new blockchains. Every time new blockchain appears, people hurry to make it the prince, but when this project meets first obstacles, team is not able to deal with them. Emercoin had proven that it is able to overcome any issues, so you do not need to trust it on word. 

Nobody is able to use Emercoin to create the code that will harm people or will be used to steal their money. I believe that the only reason for high amount of fraud is wide adoption of imperfect smart contracts. Fortunately, Emercoin is not related with any kind of scamming activity and team could be proud of it.

https://emercoin.com/en – официальный сайт Emercoin
https://t.me/emercoin_official – официальный канал Emercoin в Telegram

Автор – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1351292 


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