Emerald Crypto (EMD) - the scrypt based fastest coin with the low diff

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i would tell you about my favorite crypto coin, the emerald crypto coin (EMD).

Emerald Crypto (EMD) is a scrypt proof-of-work altcoin, that appears 2013.
since then it is working stable and growths healthy.
the coin arrives the first block reward halving and still works and prospers.
with its low difficulty and the short block time cpu mining / solo mining is possible.
the code base is stable and the community is highly motivated.
the development team works and keeps an eye on his work and track the coin.
i personally run a 24/7 EMD node to support the coin network and there you can find active EMD nodes.
Live data about EMD for miners and investors are showed at www.emeraldcrypto.de
Join to this nice old coin and get a stable, reliable coin with good future options.

Logo of Emerald Crypto Coin (EMD)
Logo of EMD


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