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That's how they got almost everything from our friend @dresden, tremendous interview interviewed tremendous, tremendous interviewer and tremendous that we spoke ?.

"A blow, a very short pause, three more quick, another short pause, finally two more strokes, a pair of inquisitive eyes peek out from the latch of the door, and the bolts begin to open. It was approved, apparently.

Through a long, dimly lit corridor, we follow our husky and quiet guide until we reach the main hall. The sight of familiar characters, the great bar at the back filled with the most varied alcoholic elixirs and the "Good Vibrations" chords of the Beach Boys made us disappear, as if by magic, all the fears and uncertainties we had before us. get in".

How funny you can imagine the times, that I went up and down to make this brief comment.

In addition to advertising the talentclub, your blog has many photographs, especially flowers. Are you also passionate about photography? Or maybe you think that in another life you could have been a bee? (Another unfortunate joke) is it due to the sudden death of neurons due to alcohol? "(laughs) Who did you leave this responsibility to? ... After this I will not leave my name to be interviewed.
"From your team I only know @ bert0 and you, @karupanocitizen and you seem like educated, enterprising and friendly people". I already knew, they sent this good man (laughs).

"For example, to be part of our Talent Minnow membership you only need to delegate 1 SP and you do not have to stick to any club rules"


I can only say that from this team of @talentclub what I get is very kind from a nice girl, who patiently guides us.

Do you know what sign the boy i


Todo lo anterior fue con ayuda del traductor google. (risas).