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Did you think that the @emeeseese team had forgotten their interview section? ... No! It's just that, that, that…, what about were we talking about...? Ah, ok! Ready! The interview!

It is a real pride to continue our cycle of interviews knowing a little more about the personality of an interestingly and contradictory human being, not in his personality or attitude, but in terms of his interests/activities in life, which go from being an Afghanistan war veteran to a big romantic lover of photography; from an expert in martial arts to a consummate writer; and also sings... In short, a pleasant box of surprises.

Breaking stereotypes, at the end of effort and work, perseverance, dedication and a lot of passion, our guest of today has been able to build, together with a group of outstanding users, a project that today has been established as a reference of organization within the Hispanic communities of Steemit, without further ado, with you...


Fuente: Pixbay editado por el @emeeseese

Do you want to know the story of how the interview was developed? Excellent! You just have to keep reading.

The persistent drizzle and the icy breeze made us hurry our steps anxious to arrive soon to destination. The atmosphere seemed a little bohemian and melancholic, despite being in a big city. The noise of the street, the smell of wet asphalt and the anxiety to reach the meeting became the perfect prelude to a night full of rewarding contradictions.

Striking neon lights showed us the meeting place. Solid wood door, probably from the 16th century, with its large metal rivets and rustic finishes, but elegant. Knocker in the shape of a dragon. A knock, a very short pause; another three faster, another brief pause. Finally two more strokes. A pair of inquisitive eyes peek out through the latch of the door. The bolts began to open. The password was approved, apparently.

Through a long, dimly lit corridor, we follow our husky and quiet guide until we reach the main hall. The sight of familiar characters, the great bar in the background full of the most varied alcoholic elixirs and the "Good Vibes" of the Beach Boys, made disappear, as by magic, all the fears and uncertainties that we set ourselves before entering.

Do you want a vermouth?

As if sensing our need to take the cold out of the body, the host gives us this affable reception. With the same carefree and elegant air of the proposal, we ask for a Scotch drink on the rocks. Our request is met immediately.

We are in the boss's office.


Knowing the user

Fuente: unedited photo of @dresden in one of his singing practices

— Greetings @dresden, a real pleasure to carry out this interview. Thanks for such a good drink. Lover of wines? You have many bottles here.

The pleasure is mutual. Thank you.

Our interlocutor pauses a little to sip a little wine, smiles and continues the conversation.

I am a great lover of the exciting and extensive world of wine and I am also given to take a good vermouth, as an aperitif; a good cold beer with some tapas can not miss and if I have the occasion to go out partying at night (though for some time I go bed soon and I do not go out at night, practically, except for dinning at a restaurant with my partner), I may like to have a quality gin-tonic, but only one.

After the customary toast, a little more in confidence we continue.

—The club facilities are very elegant and sober, certainly here there is an environment that encourages the flight of imagination and intellect, congratulations for it.


The idea of the place was inspired by those American biker clubs, sober and with fluorescent lights, that you could find perfectly in the middle of the famous Route 66 to take a break and socialize something with your people inside, while you rested from the trip.

Although we want to continue with such a pleasant conversation, we suddenly remember the origin of our visit and we immediately start working (what a hard life... xD).

@dresden we would like to share with our audience of more than 7,000 followers, I hope that does not make you nervous that, some of your facets both on a personal level and in your activity at Steemit, please tell us.

Well, @dresden, or Miguel Ángel in the non-virtual world, is a very versatile person who believes in a better world, to achieve which one has to work hard every day and be willing to make personal sacrifices. I am, above all, a sensitive person (despite my rude appearance or the many activities I do or did, some of them rough) that tries to grow internally and spiritually constantly and to which his mind always imbues him with new ideas even transgressors. I am also somewhat hyperactive and that is why, either I have always been loaded with large volumes of work, or I have loaded with large volumes of physical exercise at different levels; even, sometimes, as long as time and the body allowed it, I combined both, with which I have always had little free time for my rest, let's say it that way.
And as part of my insatiable curiosity and my entrepreneurial skills, which have been taking me since I was little, I decided to find out more about this exciting world of cryptocurrencies and I took my first steps trading with Bitcoin at $ 300 and Ether at $ 7 . And it was like that, doing trading that I discovered a cryptocurrency called STEEM back in 2016, which I bought to speculate, without knowing that it had a certain function in its own blockchain after investigating a bit. By then I was already a somewhat consolidated writer, having won an official literary award in which people from all over Spain participated, and I was surprised to find a platform that mixed the cryptocurrency technology with providing a medium in which writers and diverse artists could express ourselves, reach more people with our works and be remunerated.

I was fascinated.

Could you tell us without any kind of disdain the origin of your nickname? (Who would have thought of such an unfortunate play on words...?).

Yes, of course; my nickname Dresden (because of which many people think I am German because Dresden is a beautiful German city) comes from the title and main character of a novel that I began to write but that I stop doing it for certain current circumstances that do not allow me, nor dedicate the time that this work deserves or the inspiration needed for the kind of writingthat I want it to be.
It is something that I have pending to continue and end some day to try to present it to the public.

How is it that someone who is accustomed to risking his life almost daily, to adrenaline and constant physical effort, describes himself just as a writer? What do you love writing about?

Well, the truth is as I suggested before subtly, in my life I have done certain things:

  • I played basketball from 8 years old up to 16 years old, being selected at the Lucentum Etosa club, a benchmark in Alicante city.
  • I did karate for a season but I only got a yellow belt before I left it.
  • I have skated online for more than 3 years.
  • I belonged to a triathlon club for 1 year.
  • I trained Muay Thai with a Thai trainer for 1 year.

In full practice

  • I have been training in gyms for at least 12 years.
  • I belong to the Army, in general, for 10 years and for 5 years I was selected to be part of the UME (Military Emergency Unit), an elite unit dedicated to fire extinction, mountain rescues, rescues and searches of bodies with divers, rescues in earthquakes and floods, cynological equipment, etc.
  • I am a Telecommunications and Electronics Specialist.
  • I trade with art (or I try it), mainly with pictorial works.
  • I am a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, with a medal that accredits it.

Inside the battle tank in Afghanistan and my war medal

  • I'm a one star diver.
  • I still consider myself a trader, both currencies and stocks.
  • I also consider myself an amateur photographer, especially to evoke the beauty of nature..
  • I am an activist of climate change, trash (both on land and sea) and anti-bullfighting.
  • I began to take piano lessons for 3 months but I ended up leaving it, although in the future I intend to resume it.
  • I've taken classsical singing lessons for almost 3 years.

For a walk with my companion Kira

And well, finally answering your question, the reason why I define myself as a writer is, because it is something that I have carried since very small in my blood and that has remained (although sometimes hidden by fears and external pressures in very juvenile times) from then until now, throbbing inside me. I read (rather devoured) many books in my childhood and youth; in fact, I practically had no social life and we could say that my friends were books. And at the same time, I found the pleasure in expressing in writing feelings or things that surfaced in me and that filled me with rejoicing or that made me experience sensations that I did not experience otherwise. Maybe that's why I started writing poems.

At this moment we thought that a horde of sighing and enamored beauties would enter claiming their blue prince, but we remember that the interview had not been published yet ...

Since we are having confidence, will it be that may I take another bottle at the end of the interview, because this whiskey is excellent.

Of course: invite the house.

In addition to advertising The Talent Club, your blog has many photographs, especially flowers. Are you also passionate about photography? Or maybe you think that in another life you could have been a bee? (Another unfortunate joke). Is it due to the sudden death of neurons due to alcohol?

It is an interesting question because I consider myself more Buddhist than anything else and as you know, Buddhism apart from having an extreme respect for every minimal way of life, believes in reincarnation. I believe that, analyzing myself, more than a bee (to which I respect a lot for its beneficial and important work) I was a cat in another life. It goes much more with my personality.

Photography I love, but especially focused on the wonders that Nature provides us with.

Maybe we've all had that somewhat egocentric time of doing some selfie and those things, but of course that time has already happened for me a long time ago and my approach to photography is the one mentioned above.

You definitely have excellent taste for liquor, this is still excellent. Although some effects are already beginning to be felt.

That dizziness is going to leave you with an excellent Bloody Mary that I'm going to prepare right now.

And indeed, the remedy worked.
How have you felt about the @emeesese team, what do you think of us? Could it be that we can take a second bottle? xD

I have known about your project for a long time and I have never seen other projects as competitors, as there are some important and large projects that have been pretending to monopolize Steemit for years. That is why my club and I, believing in the union as strength, in mutual aid and in the interrelation and reciprocity, is that we offered almost from the first moment an alliance to your project, just as we did with many other projects to that we respected and we wanted to contribute our little grain of sand to help and make Steemit a better place, although for whatever reason and that I respect, you decided not to participate in it.

From your team I only know @bert0 and you, @karupanocitizen and you seem like educated, enterprising and friendly people.

The bottle that you most like, that also invites the house.


Knowing the project

Source: The Talent Club’s project logo, provided by @dresden for this interview

Many people, including us, saw in The Talent Club an innovative project, something like an opportunity to gather the dreamteam of Hispanic users of Steemit so tell us about your project.

Thanks again for your words; I explain it in more detail below.

How was @talentclub born and what it proposes?

The Talent Club emerges as a new concept of community (a pioneer at least in the Hispanic community, from which several copies later emerged) promoted mainly as a protest for the injustices and the lack of impartiality that the predominant Hispanic project and with the greatest monopoly of the Hispanic community, at that time, exercised. That is why, the own community of authors in itself (very prominent and outstanding authors who were aware of this situation and who did not receive rewards for years from that powerful project), who decided to stand as their own self-sustainable project for the union and collaboration of said authors. For this, the main thing so that the project could work, be independent, self-sustaining and not have to pay homage to any other monopolizing project, was to put each of the members our bit in the form of Steem Power delegation in a common account , that ofthe club.

In this way, and with the system I implemented, we were able to remunerate many formerly abandoned users, proportionally to their delegation (even some of them admitted that if I didn’t create this club they had left Steemit). And we not only settled for creating that Steem Power Pool for ourselves but decided to promote community collaboration and altruism and open ourselves to, with that Steem Power, help other projects that were also being ignored. And now we continue with that philosophy, currently helping more than 109 members active in the club from very different backgrounds, more than 13 different projects, a club of war veterans and 12 daily users chosen at random among the entire Steemit platform, curated by the Phototalent and Autovoters projects. In fact, we are currently giving an average of 500 weekly votes to 157 different accounts with an average of 15.0 Voting CSI.

How do you get a membership in the club? Are there rules of permanence?

We offer different types of membership but the common factor in all of them is that aspiring members of the club put their two cents as a Steem Power delegation.

For example, to be part of our Talent Minnow membership you only need to delegate 1 SP and you do not have to stick to any club rules.

For our Membership Support Delegators, very requested, the amount to delegate is free from 50 SP and you do not have to comply with any club rule.

Our Full Memberships work with specific delegation amounts for each of them; for example, Diamond membership requires 1,000 SP delegated. Unlike the other two memberships mentioned above, they do need to follow a series of simple rules, such as: follow our trail, try to make your VP not lower than 70% and that if you do Power Down, advise us, so we can readjust the member percentage for the bonuses that are carried. Of course, it also has more advantages to belong to such memberships: at the same amount delegated by a Support Delegator than by a Full Member, the percentage of the Full Member vote is usually significantly higher; you get bonus percentages, you participate in internal votes of the club as, for example, decide if you want a certain member to enter the club or not or voe for the focus of the project.

Regarding your question about rules of permanence, there are none. Everyone is free to leave the club at any time and, in fact, we have a channel enabled for that purpose so that anyone who wants to leave their application for voluntary abandonment does so without having to give any explanation to anyone.

What are the benefits of being part of The Talent Club?

The main benefits of belonging to the club are mainly:

  • To receive a daily vote for life, for each and every one of the memberships, which grant, in many cases, well more than a 1500% daily benefit for the club member, based on the revenue that same amount as the user delegated us would have generated in their own account in one day, if it had not been delegated to the club.
  • Participate in our free biweekly 10 STEEM raffles, although any registered Steemit user can actually participate in them
  • Participate in open voting on acceptance of members, satisfaction surveys, club orientation, and various proposals.
  • Participate in the development and participation of various competitions.
  • Get votes on the WEKU platform for simply being a member of the Steemit club.

But, above all, and I emphasize, I believe that the greatest benefit that any of our members get is to be proud to be part of having created a self-sustaining community in which we support each other and we believe that Steemit has a place better as we grow as users and as club.

We have observed that you do a daily statistical report of your club, and depending on it:

How many people work to produce statistics? How do you control it?

There is one person that is responsible for preparing this statistic: the Founding Partner.

The control of these statistics is carried out daily, thanks in large part to the SteemWorld application and taking into account the ups and downs of the STEEM, who joins the club, who leaves, etc.

How is the @talentclub organized/managed? Is it more like a monarchy or a transnational corporation xD? (Really? We did not hit one with the good jokes).

For the organization and internal management of the club, we do have members with high membership and full trust, who have designated certain tasks: management of fortnightly raffles, administration of roles, administration of voting percentages, server moderation, information services , graphic design, counseling, etc .., Although many times we help each other and do the work that we can when we can, even if it corresponded to someone else.

Let's say that our system, within certain parameters, is a liberal, democratic and collaborative system.

What are the goals of both the @talenclub project and @dresden in Steemit?

The main goal of the The Talent Club project is to continue growing in order to continue providing a collaborative and friendly space in which our members are also rewarded for their work, to a greater or lesser extent, within our small possibilities and limitations (since we have not asked never support any large project or crying to anyone to delegate us amounts with which to provide higher wages). But we prefer to go slow and with a sure step and that everything generated is the result of our common effort and only that. That said, certainly, if some altruistic soul decided to want to help us because it considers our work in the community and our vision as something to be encouraged, we would treat the terms of the acceptance of their altruism. However, as I said, we already feel proud for the mere fact of helping many projects, offering them help without them having to ask for it.

My goal as Dresden is to continue trying to provide solutions to problems and that everyone benefits, helping each other in a cordial way.

How do you imagine the project and your personal blog in the future?

I hope that this Project that emerged out of nowhere and built from that same nothing, only by the members of the community, has greater recognition than it could have now and that our people (which is expandable to many Steemit users who would like to join) will win more and more rewards and saw that there is another type of Steemit, another type of community in which it is not the powerful whales or witnesses that control everything and to whom we must pray or beg alms.

Regarding my personal blog here maybe I’ll continue to focus on the future less in writing and more in photography and entertaining videos.

And to finish @dresden or Miguelito, compadre; huuuuy how good is this little drink ...! Our readers would appreciate reading some anecdote, some secret or something else that you want to add to the interview... It's not that we are gossip, but... yes, we are gossip...! Let's give us some exclusive!

Dresden is currently working on another very interesting project that you can see developed here in Steemit sooner than you expect. And I can not tell you more in this respect.

@dresden, do you want to add something more to this interview?

To conclude this interview I would like to thank each and every member of the club for their trust in me from the start; without them and their trust this project would not have been possible. I also want to thank those projects, small or large and with good intentions, that are trying to make Steemit a better place, like we’re trying. And finally, thank the interviewers for the opportunity of this interview so that a little more people know about us, our beginnings, our philosophy and our purposes.

Thanks, again, to you for your time and dedication too.

And so totally relaxed and happy, maybe in part to the ethyl volume in our brains, we ended this interview with our great friend and excellent host Miguel Ángel aka @dresden.


It is one of the premises of the @emeeseese team, to help in the promotion of lucrative, beneficial projects, and/or that can serve as support in our progress in Steemit.

As we already mentioned in the introductory publication of this section, in addition to the interview, we make an analysis of the project developed by our guest.

We apply an objective valuation to all the analyzed projects, except for the express refusal of the owner of the project. This assessment consists of a scoring system, transparency and its characteristics are taken into account, and the maximum score will be 10, applying the following scale:

  • The answer is favorable: +1
  • The answer is a handicap or disadvantage: 0
  • Hidden information: -1
Any user can join?No0
Permanence commitment?No1
Do users have to pay for the service?No1
Does it offer active income?Yes1
Does it offer passive income?No0
Guaranteed economic return?Yes1
Developer and/or project have high reputation? (>=60)Yes1
Messaging/contact with developers?Yes1
Personal attention to users?Yes1
Maintaining the project is economically viable?Yes1

Our valuation


Well, I hope everyone has liked this interview, as well as the analysis of the The Talent Club project that add their effort to grow our platform based on work, effort and high quality.

Do you want to nominate yourself for an interview or do you consider that an acquaintance should be? Put it in the comments, but not before reviewing the requirements placed in our promotion publication, clicking this -----> link.

Until a new opportunity!


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That's how they got almost everything from our friend @dresden, tremendous interview interviewed tremendous, tremendous interviewer and tremendous that we spoke ?.

"A blow, a very short pause, three more quick, another short pause, finally two more strokes, a pair of inquisitive eyes peek out from the latch of the door, and the bolts begin to open. It was approved, apparently.

Through a long, dimly lit corridor, we follow our husky and quiet guide until we reach the main hall. The sight of familiar characters, the great bar at the back filled with the most varied alcoholic elixirs and the "Good Vibrations" chords of the Beach Boys made us disappear, as if by magic, all the fears and uncertainties we had before us. get in".

How funny you can imagine the times, that I went up and down to make this brief comment.

In addition to advertising the talentclub, your blog has many photographs, especially flowers. Are you also passionate about photography? Or maybe you think that in another life you could have been a bee? (Another unfortunate joke) is it due to the sudden death of neurons due to alcohol? "(laughs) Who did you leave this responsibility to? ... After this I will not leave my name to be interviewed.
"From your team I only know @ bert0 and you, @karupanocitizen and you seem like educated, enterprising and friendly people". I already knew, they sent this good man (laughs).

"For example, to be part of our Talent Minnow membership you only need to delegate 1 SP and you do not have to stick to any club rules"


I can only say that from this team of @talentclub what I get is very kind from a nice girl, who patiently guides us.

Do you know what sign the boy i

Todo lo anterior fue con ayuda del traductor google. (risas).

Resteemed :-) eos: discussionss

EOS account: fatherfaith1

Great interview, @bert0 and #emeeseese Team! An amazingly talented guy, our dear @Dresden :)

EOS acc: julian horack

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Very complete this interview, varied and with many data of the interviewee, I loved reading it

@bert0 @dresden

Muy completa esta entrevista, variada y con muchos datos del entrevistado, me encanto leerla

Gracias por toda esta información, se nota el cariño y la dedicación. Simplenente dresden :)

me entero de que dresden se llama miguel, hahahahha, sin duda un emprendedor eficaz que hace las cosas bajo una estructura que no permite fallos, un abrazo.

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