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RE: How to embed Youtube videos on Steemit so it adds views to the video

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Feels good to be one of the first to upvote before it has gotten out of hand :) By the way, thanks for the Tip, I had no idea about that. I used to do it the wrong way all this time...


I've been letting curators front-run me for months to increase curation rewards for them. :)

if we vote 20min later we get 20-25 % curator reward this true??

You have always been a generous people's person mate, thank you :). BTW @acidyo, a bit off topic, have you checked I had a question for you.

Oh yeah, get spammed a lot there so miss them easy, will check in the morning!

@acidyo, I always try to write to you only when I have good quality content that I want feed back on :). I hate spamming people and I apologize if I have ever spammed you. That's why I post only when I am sure it will be good stuff. And now I just posted a Biography about my best friend who has an amazing transformation. It is an original story and it will inspire you :)) I will be really happy if you check it out and maybe expose it to any other content curators

Wow - I had no idea people send links to other people for posts in chat. Very interesting marketing strategy. I'm still not planning to chat but good to know something goes on in there besides fighting. This post is a goldmine of information today.

They have special channels for promotions only :)

Oh! I see. I'm using fb groups and twitter for that, I guess :)