What is ElsaGate?

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For the past few weeks, I have been researching something called #ElsaGate; a phenomena on YouTube, in which a number of researchers speculate is a complex web of fetish channels. What makes these fetish channels, different, is because they seem orientated, towards children. They also have millions and millions of views, often surpassing within days, anything near what most of the most successful YouTubers get, including PewDiePie.


The channels have a similar theme, with three key characters that appear in concert throughout a labyrinth of channels. The key characters are: Spiderman, The Joker and Elsa (from the Disney movie Frozen).

The common theme within these channels repeats and includes what some researchers described as a toilet or “water sports” fetish. This includes the main character Elsa, being involved in continuous scenes involving a bathroom and urination.


One common scene includes Elsa waiting to go to the bathroom, but in her dismay, Spiderman will not open the door. At this point Elsa, has no choice, but to urinate in the hallway. Other common themes involve, Spiderman urinating into a bathtub, which Elsa gets into.


You could say that this is a case of art imitating art - YouTubers repeating successful models, that gain lots of views; leading to something of an anomaly out of chaos. Which, to be fair, could be the case.

However, there is something else. As with all things, if you look closer at parts of ElsaGate, you see other patterns.

Take one YouTube channel, for example, focusing on cartoons, featuring Elsa in almost every video.

When you watch this channel, you think you are just watching more of the strange Elsagate videos, where babies are cutting off women’s bras, and Elsa is always being spanked or spanking someone. That is, until you watch beyond this cartoon network, and start to see a pattern in the labyrinth.


One such pattern, out of many, that repeats almost exactly across networks - is the scene of the father drinking beer, when the phone rings. Then the father leaves, and the children get the rogue beer and become drunk. At this point the bottle leaves their hands, and falls upon one of their heads (see video below).

( Backup copy of video: https://vid.me/dlyQ )

For days, I pondered why, this scene repeats, within different animations, from different channels. I could not work it out, but I came to one speculation - It would make sense to repeat the scene, over and over again, exact, if it was scripted psychological programming. Now, I know, you are probably thinking, about now, that I should remove my tin foil hat, but sit back and think about it for a moment: the scenes do not deviate from their architecture, even when re-animated. They involve a phone ringing - a useful device, to tell the viewer, to pay attention. They involve close ups, often of the beer bottles, with a wide “alert” halo around them. They all involve shock injury, something that would make a child remember.

There are of course, many other strange repeating scenes. A child being left behind and crying. Often with a plane. These repeat often.

bandicam 2017-07-03 21-49-41-299.jpg

bandicam 2017-07-03 21-44-47-315.jpg

A scene with a child being caught in an elevator.


And on and on, down and down, this rabbit hole goes, until you realise, you don’t have to watch the Twilight Zone anymore, you are living in it.

The repeating scenes of a bathtub of M&Ms and faeces I found the most strange.


But then food in general, seems within ElsaGate, to be found in the toilet. So maybe not that strange after all, at least within the ElsaGate narrative structure.


The only question is: what does it all mean. Well, to be honest, I have no idea. If we were to speculate, or at least entertain the idea of some kind of psychological programming, then if taken as a whole, you would have to consider the idea, that this would entail an outcome of societal dysmorphia, with a likely goal of societal division.

If it is not some kind of intentional programming, then it is an anomaly out of chaos. And we really have to wait and see, I guess, what the future holds, for the last of the summer wine regarding generation Z. It is the last letter on the alphabet after all.

ED / The Outer Light

If you want follow more of my work, please check out my YouTube channels The Outer Light / The Outer Dark

bandicam 2017-07-03 21-45-52-131.jpg
bandicam 2017-07-03 21-45-57-790.jpg
bandicam 2017-07-03 21-49-35-691.jpg
bandicam 2017-07-04 18-06-12-291.jpg


I'm alarmed at this progression of psychological manipulation of children. This is not a new thing. I remember watching the first South Park episode with my then young children, and watching a satellite antenna come out of Cartman's ass.

Probably many of Steemit users were raised on South Park. I banished tv in 2000, and while my kids hated me for a while, I recently was thanked by my son for the way I raised them.

Without tv, they read books. In fact I used to read to them, from my collection of pulp sci fi from the golden age. A favorite were tales of Retief, a galactic diplomat, irreverently written by Keith Laumer. I also used to devise my own stories for them, and came up with songs as well to accompany the Rainbow Birds stories.

The only reason your kids might be affected by this garbage is if you leave them to find their own education. They won't know any better.

Think about it.

I get what you are trying to say. But my life would not have been the same without South Park. And I mean that in a serious and positive way. I'm in my late twenties now and I've been watching the show since it's beginning.

You're comparing a well written, comedy driven, socially critical, 18+ advertised cartoon made and created by two famous comedians, with that youtube bot-like harmful garbage stuff intentionally aimed at a kid audience, created by some very sketchy unknown people on the internet. This is nonsensical. With all due respect, you can't compare apples with oranges.

While South Park may have said it was for mature audiences, you yourself were the audience, and many other children were as well.

I know that children can deal with life and death issues, as I did. However, they are impressionable, and parking kids in front of Youtool or a tv, is akin to setting a sponge in a bowl of water.

They absorb culture, as people always have, by watching people, and their brains do not know the difference between people on video and real people, even if they themselves do. They can consciously know that the people on the tv are actors in a fictional program, but their subconscious absorbs the cultural cues anyway.

Books don't do that to our brains.

Read books, but more importantly, make sure your kids do.

Was wondering where you were. Glad to see you here. You'll do well and deserve it. 🕺🏻👍

What a curious reply!

Who am I?

he is talking to ed, the blogger/ vlogger of this channel I bet.

Hey Ed! Big fan, love your work.

@ancientmystique brought #elsagate to my attention the other day and we couldn't get over the amount of views these videos have.
Do you think they're artificially inflated?

Right now, I can't think of any other reason for this repetition other than what you've put forth - psychological programming.
And like you, I have no clue what the desired outcome would be.

Obviously, this is disturbing as the content is completely inappropriate for children. But someone has put a lot of time and resources behind this.
The Who and the Why are pressing questions.

My concern is that the viewing figures may be real. My daughter was watching a child's youtube channel and she was clicking on suggestions. My fiance overheard something she didn't like, it was exactly like all this stuff and there was loads more of it. I worry there are children everywhere consuming this toxic stuff and because it looks like it was made for children (which it clearly was....with the intention of fucking them up,) parents are not catching it. This is deeply disturbing. There is no question that a child's mind would be damaged by watching a lot of this.....sponges as they are and at a delicate stage in the development of their brains and emotions.

Yeah this stuff is sick. Apparently it has been happening for awhile and they have millions of views on videos they post everyday.

They do really sick stuff like simulate rape, throw poop on eachother, pee on eachother. They actually dress up in real life and do it too.

There was an article somewhere about it not being able to be monetize any more, so hopefully it starts to go away some. But people are still pervs and will make it I am sure.

its not one or 2 pervs. its a program for grooming children accepting pedo and fetish. to do it one kid is no use. its aiming for wide population and repeatly programming. no one perv can make this happen or reason to. look deeper. MK Ultra pizzagate

With all the censorship on YouTube...they leave this garbage up??!!

I have to agree with you, if these view numbers are accurate this is an even more serious issue, who knows how this affects a child's mind now and in the years to come.

The network seems to be quite extensive. There seems to be a lot of episodes dealing with phobias...are they trying to induce phobias in children?

Really glad to hear you and your wife caught on to this quickly. I think it's important to warn parents about this sickening trash. This stuff should be taken down immediately.

I completely agree. More than that, whoever is making it needs to be revealed. If there is as much of this as it seems, the damage already done could be vast. As adults, we can see this stuff has the appearance of every shade of wrong. To a child that was watching something teaching them numbers or telling a quaint little moral story to absorbing faeces, spying, urination, abandonment, graphic injury, cruelty to animals, physical abuse.....in all it's insidious camouflage. Really bad shit. And i'm angry that my daughter was exposed even for a moment.

we forget, our children is our future. if millions of kids are corrupt. we are hopeless, and, whoever on the other side wins. these behavior usually extends from a child to their children.

Suggestions, as you say, are a way for the kids to be exposed to this inappropriate & discusting stuff, and I would think the Autoplay feature is another and even more insidious way. It can be turned off, but unfortunately it does little if you can't get rid also of Suggestions.

I agree these videos are being used to program the thousands or millions of children they have imprisoned in their breeding farms perhaps, or the children of their members at the least. The view counts are likely real and it is likely part of a mind control mechanism IMO.

we forget, our children is our future. if millions of kids are corrupt. we are hopeless, and, whoever on the other side wins. these behavior usually extends from a child to their children. think deeper

The honeybee found out their names and all their channels. I go get link.

Thanks @cobceo, I have seen @thehoneybees great detective work on this.

Hey you should really check out investigating youtube they have been covering this topic for awhile.

Wow these guys have been looking at these videos for over a month. I've been looking into Elsagate a lot recently but hadn't heard of them, nice.

It's pretty scummy of @theouterlight to monetize his videos and quote Investigating YouTube almost verbatim without giving them any credit. I've been following this for a while and it really disgusts me when people just try to cash in on trends, much like the very videos in question.

What I simply cannot understand is how Disney, which owns the rights to many of these characters, allows these videos to continue to be made? The largest cultural conglomerate in the world doesn't get these videos removed? Showing their characters doing some reprehensible things? Stranger and stranger indeed...

disney is the pedo nerve center

Keep up the great work @theouterlight!👌

Fight the good fight!🐸

Welcome to Steemit, Ed! I have been a subscriber on your youtube channels, theOuterLight, theOuterDark, and Esoteric Detective. Great content as always, and glad you keep updating us on the #ElsaGate investigation.

You should post your Youtube videos on Steemit too. I would upvote that shit

Nice! Glad I found you on here Ed. OuterLight/Dark are my favorite YouTube Channels. And yeah. This ElsaGate stuff is warped. Definitely meant to program our children. Question is by who and to what end? Probably the Russians 😉👍

*Russian Hackers :) I like Steemit alot - its good, because I feel safe here. Its hard doing research and having it taken down all the time:/ I feel like I am carving it in stone here :) thanks so much I am off to bed - need sleep! :D

It really means something more when you post to the blockchain. More so than adding it to a corporations central server.

yeah, i have been reading a bit about it. Really great to see something like this really happening, that is on the blockchain forever :)

Good stuff. Steemit is a great way to get into crypto. I knew very little about it before I started here.

Not that the perverted criminals at Google would object to this disturbing content. It is child abuse, call for pedophilia and some episodes even glorify child and self-sacrifice.

YouTube is a disgusting criminal enterprise. May God have mercy on your souls.

WTH?? These people are getting sicker everyday. WHY CAN'T THEY LEAVE THE CHILDREN OUT OF THERE SICK WORLDS.

This behaviour as well as other disgusting material aimed at children is just one of the many reasons why I no longer post on YouTube.

Happy to see you here Ed! I left a youtube message for you to join earlier - Hope you enjoy the community!

Looking forward to reading (and watching) more of your content on Steem. Glad you are here.

Strange isn't it, that about the same time #Elsagate hits the web, the sevens.exposed page goes on to change its name to Elsa ~ 628 (for June 28, Tau day of 2 times 3.14 or double Pi if you will).


I've been following this sickening topic myself in light of the fact that so many young children are currently glued to their tablets and on You Tube with no supervision. The best tag for this post is #parenting and hopefully some parents of young kids will find this out. Blessings to you for your research. I personally cannot stand to go through it. Trying to keep my psyche in a calm state...

Welcome to Steemit! I'm a long-time YouTube subscriber of yours and am really excited you joined this platform. I think you'll find a much more supportive environment here than what is going on over on YT. This Elsa-gate thing is utterly disgusting. I'm seriously glad I've never come across that but that wouldn't be in my radar.

Wow this is really disturbing... I do not have kids myself, but my brothers and sister do and they are all at a very influencial age... One of them is also authistic and I don't even want to think, how hard this shit will fuck that nephew up because they already have a hard time keeping fiction and reality seperated... I really need to make them aware of this, therefor alone I thank you a thousand times that I'm aware of this sickness now

No young kids for me either and I have been doing my best to get this out to places I hang out online where parents also attend. This is something you do not need to really push. All you have to do is tell the parent to look in the sidebar of suggested videos. Two minutes effort will open the eyes of any normal human.

Best of luck to you in helping your family. I have heard of one parent whose kid went ballistic for a few days after she took it away - he was "addicted" to You Tube, did not want to watch anything else, or do anything else. After some hard days - the mom said she felt the crisis was over while still worrying about whatever he had already seen.

I for one am extremely happy to have Ed now adding his research to the Steem Blockchain and interacting on the Steemian Network. Thank you Ed! This is exactly what we need. Please stay engaged on SteemIt! You'll be earning a great living and lifting up the content we all share and work on.
Thank you and SteemON!

PS: The Hidden Veil of corruption is lifting thanks to good research from contributors such as @theouterlight.


My God! What an appropriate picture. That basically captures the whole issue in three words.

This is really sick. Who invents this garbage?

Great work brother..

Ed I am glad you are here. You can make revenue to help the channel stay going. Your work is important. I follow you everywhere I find you online. Thank you!

Kia Ora Ed! Looking forward to hearing more form you - watching your DWS vid as I type this 👍🏻

Thank you for exposing this creepy attack on our kids. I would not allow a child of mine to watch it and I hope other parents will look closely and see how sick it is.

Such a mystery. I assume there is some sort of mind control methodology within it.

Guess we'll have to become more sophisticated about understanding the potential for mind control in general. The Stockholm syndrome is an example of a very powerful mind control mechanism that, I think, most of us would have thought to be absolutely impossible.

Yet such mind control effects can be induced by those who are privy to the methods. Seems to me it is governments that have the resources to covertly develop such abhorrent technologies which can have no other purpose than to do harm.

This is what happens when you let Satanic sickos take control of society, starting with corporate and banking fraud which gives them the resources to take over government.

Sick sad wolrd. That's so freaking scary.

Hi Ed, just writing my book, and included a link to this study. Apparently, there are now reports that Nikolas Jakob Cruz, the Florida shooter, was watching these videos and probably was on SSR's before the shooting. https://www.amazon.com/s?field-keywords=Dr.+Bobbi+anne+White

Youtube age restricted the video example i gave, so if you want to see the video without a youtube account - click this link to hooktube: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=UxxtVkqXoTQ

its grooming and programing. the food in toilet and poop with candy is programming eating poop. its a pedo fetish. the whole youtube programming can groom lots of kids, repeatly. then our future is poisoned. we have no future. MK ultra

That's so inappropriate for kids... I recently did my first Steemit article on equity release. It's a great platform and I'm enjoying the diversity of content.

Very interesting. Thanks.

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