The wonderful reality of Latin America

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We live in times of transition, we are all aware that a world is finished and another world is about to begin. The fourth industrial revolution?... The technological singularity, consequence of the inevitable and unquestionable progress of the artificial intelligence?... The post humanism?... The new distribution of wealth thanks to the technology of the block chain?...


That's fine for Europeans, for Asians, for cold, insipid people like the British, the Japanese, the Singapooreans (or whatever the name from Singapore ) better suited for 'Black Mirror'.

Can you imagine the series of 'Black Mirror' if it had been recorded in Medellín, in Caracas or in Milpa Alta?
It would not be such a good series, right?

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In America we are colorful, carefrees, traditional and vernacular.
It would be more appropriate to find roles for Latin Americans and locations in Latin America in programs such as 'Alegrijes y rebujos'. This is the authentic New Age, or how your aunt says that Beatriz Paredes disguises 'Modern Times' expression that also involves the practice and study of extraordinary, mystical, metaphysical and paranormal knowledge. Telekinetic powers, such as those of Matilda, telepathic as those of Mewtwo and television as those of Walter Mercado.
Ancestral wisdom that has not been lost despite the inclement eurocentrism and marketing, the bad government, imperialism, the traitors, huachicoleros and the MAGA.

Wisdom that as the contemporary prophet Alex Sintek said, will give us a millennial futurev (listen ‘El futuro es milenario') …
For real? Could it be that while the rest of the world works on designing their offspring, achieving immortality and putting their minds into superpowered computers we will be breaking the limits of the mind and reality through self-knowledge as Dr. Strange, like Matilda?

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For now our leaders do their best to lead us to the sciences and the occult arts, the magic and the spiritual realm, one of the main agents of change towards the 'Modern Times' is Lord Diosdado Ceballos, Secretary of the governorate of the region Venezuelan of Zulia. Ceballos does not lose the opportunity to show his knowledge of astrology, just to give an example, on May 31 he explained how the equinoxes caused a phenomenon that affected the height of the sun (¡?) And consequently also the blackouts in the region. And, everyone knows that the sun is a little ball that goes up and down (and if we are not careful until we can fall on top)

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But there are more examples, Dr. María Elena Álvarez-Buylla Roces (she even has the name of a priestess) who will be the director of the National Commission of Science and Technology in Mexico, the CoNaCyT for spanish name (which is also an excellent name for an anti-flu). Buylla Roces, (without flinching) has been proclaimed against the transgenics since it affirms that the corn fruit of these perverse techniques does not have the same soul of the non-transgenic corn, in other words it explains how the transgenic corn is a species of a demonic zombie without a soul (and possibly also possessed by some entity from the Underworld). What is a bit of hunger and economic stagnation when what is put into play is the soul of the Corn? ... Right? ... TRUTH? But all these anecdotes are inconsequential if we compare them with the efforts made by the next Secretary of the marine and natural resources Secretariat SeMaRNat un spanish accronic (which could also be named after a superhero of the nineties).

Src 8

Josefa González Blanco Ortiz Mena (who apparently has four parents) declared the existence of the aluxes, small elves that feed on sweets and take care of the forest and the Mayan jungle in Mexico.

She officially promised to protect these tiny compatriots so that they continue to develop their ecological care function. (I guess since until now nobody took care of them they did not do their job very well because the forest is already shaggy, but soon things will get better, or something like that)

Src 9 Src 10

For now we must be aware of our new era, our 'niu eish' of the incredible and wonderful powers that we can get to obtain.
I'll go look for the aluxes to see if they already did the Byteball and if not, so they are my referrals, while the sun is not so low and the corn does not need exorcisms everything will be fine.

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