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I've recently returned to Steemit after a bit of a hiatus, and a few of my Steemian buddies have been talking to me about Busy.

I've requested access and read the front page of the site, but I'm failing to see how it differs all that much from Steemit.

Anyone more qualified able to fill me in?

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This is the best explanation I have seen. Steem is battery. Things like steemit, esteem, Steemd, busy.org are apps or services or gadgets so to speak using steem as battery. Now cos the steem technology or blockchain is open or has database available for everyone to see or us, you or any developer can build an app or website around it. So steemit was built but the interface is more to favor bloggers. Someone then decided or let me build esteem which an app to add more fucntionalities and enable people who are already on steemit have the app on their fone. Now another set of developers, saw steemit isn't very aligned for none bloggers or people who want to share pictures etc or the nontech so to speak and created busy.org to provide the interface and functionality that regular users of Facebook etc can relate with. So basically, everything you see on steemit is also on busy. Right now all you post on steemit are visible on steemit and when you join busy.org all you post will also appear on steemit, so you can either be on steemit or busy or on both, depending on which interface and set of functionalities favor you. Busy.org tho will make it easier for you to convince your friends and family to join. Busy just improves on interface and functionality, like it will have messaging, a better editor etc. so it is sorta like an upgrade or an alternative way of using steemit. For me, they all the same! Don't worry, right now this post is already on busy.org.

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yep, i so noticed that. big thank you! did i do something to deserve it or did you just gift me? either way, i am so grateful. it is encouragement!

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really does that go on everywhere on steemit for comments or how does that work, is it for particular posts?

It was just this one today, others will come at random

I'm kinda curious myself, to make it interesting best answer as voted by their peers gets 5 Steem Power

Busy is another frontend that is going to access the same blockchain..

Kinda like when Microsoft hired a new team to design Windows 7 and left the old team to work on Vista... :)

Does that mean that Steemit and Busy are made by the same organization?

No, busy is being designed by a different team...

Have a look at @fabien 's blog

Hi @bidnat, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads yesterday and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Thank you! That is pretty cool, this is my first time being featured!

you did a good post... to the point and clearly written. Well done.

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