Tokyo Station / Watercolor painting + Brush strokes for beginners

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Tokyo Station is a symbol of Japan modernization and a starting point for Japan railroad routes. The building is a European style and also the original beauty of Japan architecture combined, so it is very interesting. This building with state-of-the-art railway system is quiet and dignified when seen from the outside. I drew the atmosphere of the station mainly using the color of Burnt Umber.

The Wall -
In order to strengthen the great presence of the building, I omitted the fine decoration of the wall and drew it.

Entrance of the station -
I drew the small people who had arrived and departed, and expressed the time spent by the building and the small time that human had.

Composition -
A modern building towering behind the station. I think this composition is suitable for Tokyo station where both modern and the past exist together.

I'm drawing almost only with this brush. This is a thick, #20 round brush. I'm using this one brush in a variety of ways. For example, first place water on a pallet. And dissolve the Blue.

Then keep this brush diagonally and horizontal to the paper. And slide the brush sideways and paint to wide area.

If you keep the brush hold even more diagonally, you'll get a brush stroke like this.

Next, flatten this brush like a knife.

By doing so, you can draw thin line. Even with a one brush, brush strokes can be expressed quite differently. In this way I am using a brush. We can express interesting brush strokes using a one brush. So the painting will change rapidly.

It's the power adjustment of the hand, you can change the brush line by doing stronger or weaker. Using the brush stroke in this way. Express it variously with one brush.

(C)Harumichi Shibasaki.
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

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@c-squared, Thanks!!!

Beautiful post, @shibasaki -san ! I love the tutorial too ! Very useful for someone like me who's just curious about the watercolour <3

The picture has depth and energy ! I can almost hear the sound of traffic from your painting <3 Beautiful work !

Wow @veryspider -san, Thanks a lot! That's very kind of you to say! I love your beautiful drawing too! ;)

This is so beautiful!

@napa, Thanks! I'm glad to hear that :)

:) yw dear @shibasaki

What a beautiful post for me to open up on this fine Sunday morning!! You are so talented @shibasaki :) And thank you for the tutorial as well. We've just moved to a new place (I haven't posted about it yet:), but it has a huge covered patio with a view of the ocean. I've been thinking of purchasing some supplies and begin my watercolor journey again ... thanks to you!

Hi @lynncoyle1, Thanks a lot! :) Did you moved to a new place? What? View of the ocean!? Wooow It’s so nice! I'm very interested in your watercolor journey! I hope you'll have a great time! :)

I love the painting and I appeciate the tutorial. I think it is very difficult to paint with watercolors. 😊

@starjewel, Thanks! I think the beautiful jewelry you make are more difficult than watercolor! 😉

Very beautiful!! Love this artwork. Resteemed!

@koto-art, Thanks! ありがとうございます :)

Hi shibasaki.. all f your works are awesome.. I enjoyed watching them all.. 👌👍👍

Wow @zpzn, Thank you so much :) I'm flattered to hear that!

:) thanks

nice work my man...a wish a had this skill to. am more and abstract painter when a was active sadly now days a dont paint anymore..but always on my mine u now..ty on the inspiration..:)

@norwegianbikeman, Thanks for watching! :)

🎉 Congratulations @shibasaki! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Wow @melooo182, Thank you so much! :)

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@creativecrypto, Thank you so much!

I love this !!!! I can't paint in this style. Thank you for sharing

@aalagenesis, You’re welcome :) I’m glad you liked my artwork!