Dream flight. My detailed micro drawing with markers

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Hello, everyone!)
There is a competition of illustrations - miniatures in the Instagram and I decided to participate. The main condition - the size of the picture should not exceed 5 cm. There should be 4 themes for illustrations, one of them is "air".
I decided to draw with alcohol markers, because of the size I had to use only a thin rod. On the first topic I got the following picture.

Firstly I marked the lines of the picture because of the conditions of the contest. I decided to drew my picture into the circle.

Then I drew the contours of the picture with a pencil.

Then I started to paint the sky. I used a blue marker, leaving white places for clouds. The top of the sky was slightly darkened by the same marker.

Then I drew the grass. For light shades used yellow and pink markers, for dark ones - a green marker. Then, in the vegetation, I added a few shadows to the umber.

I painted the central figure of the picture - the girl. I drew with a red marker her dress, specifying the folds with a brownish-pink color. I painted her feet and hands with a pink marker.

Then I started to paint the balloons. I decided to use several colors to convey the girl's rainbow mood. I used red, yellow, green, orange and pink markers.
I added the volume to the clouds, drawing a shadow on them with a dark yellow marker.

At the final stage, I strengthened some detais with gray liner in the drawing, I added with umbra the shadows on the balloons. Drew the lines of the drawing with a black marker. The picture is ready.

To compare the size of the picture, I photographed my picture near the jubilee coin of the USSR.

Stages of my drawing

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I apologize if you find mistakes in my text. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.

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Really amazing detail for so small!

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!


thank you very much)

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wow! thank you very much for your support

Really dreamy work!


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i love the composition and the colors used :)
the context feels like some kind of dreamy fairy tale, too


thank you)

This is so small and lovely illustration. It is adorable to see its size comparison with a coin. Though I am glad that you take good pictures of it because otherwise I would miss on a lot of details that you put into the artwork. I love how uplifting the theme of your drawing, and especially the white clouds on the blue sky background signifies the feeling of freedom and flying.

Lovely work :).



thank you very much)

What an expressive and lovely drawing ! Despite the size ! Love the colourful balloons and her beautiful red dress <3